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Articles in Category: Acoustic Treatments

Boost the Sound Quality of Your Home Theater

To Get Cinema-Quality Sound, Acoustics Matter

You have wanted that dream home theater forever. Now you are ready for it.  You have the right room in your house, and the time to enjoy it with family and friends.  You are thinking about screen sizes, sitting arrangements, and maybe even the classic popcorn machine to achieve that authentic movie theater experience.

There is one thing that you should not overlook in your home theater.  A great cinema experience is as much about the sound as it is the picture.  If you want to immerse yourself in the movie, you want to hear the explosions, the bullets flying overhead, and the dialogue clearly amid other ambient noise in the soundtrack. 

Choosing the right equipment and setting it up correctly is a big part of achieving that experience, but some rooms are challenged in the sound department.  Sound may reflect off hard surfaces, and the room shape may not be optimal.  These reflections can result in uneven bass across the room, and sibilant and annoying higher frequency sounds.

But there is a cure for subpar home theater sound in challenging rooms – acoustic treatment.  When you use Refined Systems to design and build your home theater or media room, this is something we consider to help you attain the optimal cinema experience in your Houston home.

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Does Your Business Need Acoustic Treatments?

Create a Quieter, More Productive Environment with Ease

Often when building out commercial spaces such as conference rooms or offices, little thought is put into noise levels. It’s common for boardrooms to have paper-thin walls that make it very easy to hear every word said during a meeting, even if you aren’t in the room. Not only can this be frustrating and potentially harmful for boardrooms, where sensitive information might be shared, but it also creates an unproductive environment where focusing on work is difficult. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution in the form of acoustic treatments.