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A high end audio system turns your favorite music into an experience in your Houston home. Learn about the latest trends here. 

Upgrade Your Sound with High-End Audio

Explore The New Options in High-End Home Audio

A curious thing has happened in the past 15 years or so with the advent of the iPod and the revolution it brought to how you could listen to music. To be sure, the iPod (which wasn’t even the first product of its type) was a revolution, but it was the second one when it came to digital music. The CD was a monumental change which brought music into the digital age. CD technology put music in a high-quality digital form factor which was very portable, and unlike the vinyl records and cassette tapes that ruled before it, CDs did not degrade over time. 

When the portable digital players first came out, they were somewhat limited in how much digital music they could hold. Converting uncompressed digital CDs to digital formats like MP3 for portable players took up a lot of storage space, so people started listening to music at something less than optimal quality. The portability and convenience of music on devices like iPods, and now smartphones, took precedence over the quality of the sound. Enter the massive popularity of streaming music today, and in most cases that still holds true – most of the services today like Spotify and Pandora stream at something less than CD quality, although that’s improving.

Why all this (admittedly brief) history? Because advances in digital audio technology are changing this landscape, bringing new options for enjoying high-end audio in your Houston home with all the convenience and flexibility of today’s digital music. Read on to learn more.