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2 Great Ideas to Enhance Your Business Presentations

An Advanced Audio Video Installation Will Help You Get Seen and Heard

Recently, we’ve written about how AV solutions can be integrated into your Houston, Texas business to capture the attention of your customers and employees. But there’s more to building a perfect presentation system than simply adding a video wall. You need an audio video installation that will make you appear larger than life if you really want to make an impression. In this blog we’ll go into some of the details that ensure an excellent presentation every time. Read more after the jump.


Choose the Right Projector

One essential component of any business’ presentation system is the projector. Traditionally, projectors have been used for Power Point presentations and other relatively simple tasks. Today, as production software becomes more ubiquitous, your presentations can use the added boost of Adobe’s After Effects or other digital editing program, but they’ll need a projector that can support it.

As projectors become more common in homes and businesses around the country, the line between commercial-grade and consumer-grade versions begins to blur. But there are still some things to look out for when designing an effective system.

• Lumens – Lumens are a numerical measurement of the brightness your projector can achieve. Because most offices and presentation halls feature more ambient light than your average home theater, an ultra-bright projector may be necessary.
• LCD – While the technology has largely given way to LED screens in televisions, LCD projectors still tend to be the brightest available.
• Contrast – similar to brightness, the contrast is very important in ambient lighting situations. No matter how bright your projector, without appropriate contrast the image can easily be washed out. High contrast commercial projectors are available to alleviate this situation.

Choose the Right Screen

High contrast is essential for creating and maintaining a visible image in your presentation, and the projector doesn’t have to do all of the hard work. You can also rely on a beautiful high-contrast screen to make sure your pictures work well.

Screen Innovations has perfected screen technology, allowing you to watch a perfectly visible image in a fully lit room. Pretty much anything short of direct sunlight will let the screen shine, and indirect light will be rejected thanks to their patented design.

The Zero Edge is their flagship product, and it comes in both rigid and flexible versions. It can reach a size of up to 320 inches, meaning the image will fill the smallest conference room or a large auditorium effectively. Plus, they are acoustically transparent, meaning in-wall speakers behind the screen won’t be muffled.

Are you ready to enhance your presentations with the right audio video installation? Contact us today.