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2 Upgrades Restaurant Owners Should Consider for 2018

Enhance Your Customers’ Experience Beyond Simply Dining

As a restaurant owner in Houston, TX, you need your business to stand out.

You have to differentiate your establishment and attract the millions that call the Greater Houston area home to eat at your restaurant – and make them want to return.

Serving great food is only part of the equation, though.

Investing in a high-quality audio video installation will separate your restaurant from the competition. If you want 2018 to be the year your restaurant becomes the top local dining choice, consider implementing these two technology upgrades.

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Upgrade 1: High-Quality Audio System

You want your guests’ dining experience to be a memorable and positive one. While it’s hard to control the quality of each dish that comes out of your eatery’s kitchen, managing your restaurant’s atmosphere can be much easier.

Investing in an immersive audio system can go a long way to creating that ideal atmosphere.

Imagine: Customers arrive at your restaurant and as soon as they sit down, they hear music that livens up the room but also is not overwhelming. Their mood improves, and they now are ready to enjoy a feast.

A high-quality audio system plays a significant role in this scenario. Achieving the best sound is all about choosing the right audio brand and placing the speakers strategically. We space the speakers out and then optimize each speaker’s settings so that your patrons don’t have to deal with any overly loud spots or struggle to hear the music depending on where they sit.

In addition, you also can integrate your audio video installation with a commercial automation system so that you can access your playlists and manage noise levels simply through the touch of a screen on a smartphone or tablet.

Your audio system will put your customers in a good mood, your food will “wow” them and they surely will want to return.


Say you want all of the TVs in your restaurant to show the big game, or perhaps each TV to show something different. Is it easy for your team to make that happen?

A lot of restaurants in the Houston area have started embracing digital signage and high-definition TVs, but many of them fail to upgrade their video distribution system, resulting in displays that are hard to manage.

A video distribution system can enable a single video source, like a satellite receiver, to be shared across multiple TVs through a video matrix switcher.

You not only can easily store those wires and boxes away from customers, you also save time by having a centralized system. Video distribution’s control system allows you to change channels throughout your restaurant without using different remotes for each TV.

These two upgrades can make an immediate impact on your restaurant’s audio video installation. If you want more details on these solutions or other options for your business, we’d love to talk.  

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