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3 Things You Wouldn’t Guess Motorized Window Shades Could Do

You May Be Surprised by How Technologically Savvy These Window Treatments Are

We’ve often discussed the benefits of motorized shades for Texas homes. From saving you money on energy costs and helping you reduce your carbon footprint to complementing your interior design scheme perfectly, motorized shades bring a wide variety of technological solutions to your River Oaks, TX home.

But what about the lesser-known technological solutions that motorized shades can bring to homes like yours? Crime deterrence, scene programming, and creative placement solutions are all possible with these motorized showcases of designer fabrics and styles.

Keep reading to learn three things you probably didn’t know that motorized window treatments can do.

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Deter Crime

Not only do motorized shades protect your privacy while you’re at home, but this smart home solution can help prevent home burglaries while you’re away for the day or a few weeks’ vacation.

You can program your motorized shades to open and close in sync with an astronomical clock, as you need with a button tap on an on-wall keypad, or by activating pre-programmed scenes. An Away scene ensures your home looks lived-in, even while your family is away on vacation, by raising and lowering on a predetermined schedule.

Programmable Scenes

There’s no need to go around your home, manually lowering the shades of every window in your home in the evenings. There’s not even a need to press a button on an in-wall keypad, touch screen, or smart device with motorized shades. Your motorized shades are programmable!

Schedule shades to rise in the mornings to allow beautiful natural sunlight indoors, and then to lower in the evenings to give you privacy. Programming can sync with an astronomical clock, so you never need to keep track of the evolving sunset time year-round. Your motorized shades bring simplicity and convenience to your home in an instant.

Not Only for Windows

Imagine sitting in the comfortable seating of your home theater and pressing a button on your smart remote to initiate a Movie Night scene. Not only will the smart lighting dim, but motorized shades will lower to block out the sun and annoying glare from outdoors. Motorized drapes will also open to reveal your 80-inch projection screen while your 4K projector drops from its hideaway location in the ceiling. Once you’re done watching your favorite movies, simply close the motorized drapes to hideaway your projection screen yet again with the tap of a finger!

If you’re ready to incorporate motorized shades into your smart home, call us today at (281) 907-9620 or reach out online. We can’t wait to bring this technology solution to your Houston-area home.