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4 Ways Total Home Automation Can Improve Your Clients’ Homes

Making Homes Truly Connected in The Woodlands, TX Is Our Specialty

Homeowners today have a variety of smart devices and systems within their homes – multi-room music to HVAC to lighting to motorized shading and more – and architects and builders are often asked to incorporate these devices into an easy to use system for their clients.

By working with a total home automation specialist, you can provide your clients with what they want in one comprehensive technology package designed and installed by a reputable design-build technology integrator.

Keep reading to learn four ways tying your clients’ systems and devices together can give them a truly connected home in The Woodlands, TX.

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1.   Whole-Home Audio

A whole-home audio system allows homeowners to listen to their favorite music everywhere in their home with a tap of a button on a keypad, remote, or smart device; voice control operation of audio is possible, too!

The most exciting part of total home automation is tying smart technologies together. Homeowners can synchronize their smart devices into designated scenes. With a Relax scene, you can automate your indoor lighting to dim while soft music begins playing in one area of your home or throughout.

2.   Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system can integrate all of the smart lighting and energy-efficient bulbs throughout your clients’ homes in The Woodlands. Lighting can be set to a timer, turning on automatically at a predesignated time. Imagine coming home from work and outdoor lighting beautifully illuminating landscaping at dusk while indoor lighting highlights key pathways and the entry foyer. Motion sensors and temperature sensors can also be added to a home to integrate smart lighting with motorized shades and HVAC systems for maximum energy efficiency.

3.   Security & Smart Locks

From the convenience of a smart device, clients can monitor and manage their security cameras and smart locks. When motion is detected on a property, homeowners will receive push notification alerts on their smartphones of the incident, then be able to monitor the surveillance cameras remotely. Smart locks also allow homeowners to remotely lock and unlock their entries for dog sitters or house sitters while they’re away on vacation.

4.   Home Theater & Media Room

With a few simple taps on a Crestron remote, homeowners can turn on their surround sound system, the TV will cue up their favorite streaming service, the shades will lower, and the lights will dim in preparation for an immersive movie in a personalized home theater. If a popcorn refill is needed during the film, the pathway can be lit easily with the simple tap of a button on a wall-mounted keypad.

If you’re interested in giving your clients in The Woodlands, TX, the best-in-class products for total home automation, contact us today! You can call us at (281) 907-9620 or use our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to work with you.