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5 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with Building Automation

Automation Technology Enhances Ambiance at Your Texas Business

The Woodlands is a community that is growing fast, both in residences and businesses. As more companies move to the area, the competition gets steeper. How does your business plan on staying top of mind for customers? Below, we cover some of the main ways that building automation technology can enhance your business by promoting a better customer experience.

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Subtle Touches Go a Long Way

Whether you’re running a restaurant, a dental office, or a retail store, the same holds true: you have to create an enjoyable experience for your customers if you want them to return. This doesn’t mean you have to have live entertainment at your bar every night or have your retail employees wait on customers hand and foot. There are very subtle differences between a regular business and one that has taken steps to promote an enjoyable atmosphere. You may not even notice them unless you’re looking for them, but they really do impact return rates for your clientele.

  1. Lighting Control: Compare a restaurant with harsh fluorescent overhead lights and one that uses soft LED lighting that has been adjusted to just the right brightness for each space, and you’ll immediately notice a difference in ambiance. Whether you’re trying to soothe patients in the waiting room of your medical facility or invigorate clients at your gym, the right lighting levels are essential for creating the perfect mood.
  2. Visual Displays: When you rely on regular print displays and artwork, you’re locking yourself into the same static visuals. However, adding digital displays give you so much versatility to promote your business’ personality. From using high-definition televisions to keep diners occupied while waiting for a table to advertising the latest clothing line in your retail store, the possibilities for incorporating visual displays are practically endless.
  3. High-Quality Audio: Music is a powerful thing. It can create a relaxing atmosphere in spas or liven up a dull evening at bars. With hidden speakers, you can provide clear, enjoyable music for patrons throughout the building without cluttering your business’ décor with unsightly equipment.
  4. Climate Control: As hot as the Texas weather can get, blasting your customers with icy A/C isn’t always the best approach. With smart climate control technology, your system can automatically keep the temperature comfortable throughout the day.
  5. Motorized Shades: As the sun sets, the clear glass walls lining your business have suddenly become a problem. The sun is blinding your customers, making them uncomfortable. Instead of making them flag down an employee to lower the shades, why not have the shades adjust automatically? Using lighting sensors, the shades identify when the sun is setting and lower to keep the sun’s glare at bay.

A fully automated building creates an exceptional experience for customers and employees alike. Refined System’s automation experts can help your business create a full building automation solution or start small with audio/video or climate control. To get started on a customized solution for your company, contact us today.