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Brand Spotlight: Savant Home Automation Systems

3 Reasons Why We Enjoy Installing Savant Systems in our Houston Clients’ Homes

Potential homebuyers are knowledgeable about more than ever these days, and a Savant home automation system can help new homes stand out in a crowded market. Houston, TX homes with Savant systems are never dull and draw in potential buyers with luxury technology solutions that go above and beyond what’s possible with a DIY smart home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three reasons why incorporating a Savant home automation system in your new home builds and current projects will improve your clients’ satisfaction.

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Luxury Lifestyle

Your clients and potential homebuyers want to experience technology without seeing it and want any technology system to blend seamlessly into their luxury lifestyle. Savant home automation provides personalized control of entire homes and businesses without intruding into your daily life in Houston, TX.

Savant installation and setup are painless, and the company’s craftsmanship is remarkable. When architects and builders like you incorporate wiring before the start of a home automation project, the design-build process is much easier since no drywall has been installed! But don’t worry: If you’re working on a remodel, we can incorporate wiring and networking into existing walls to support the Savant system.

Personalized Control

Beyond supporting a luxury lifestyle, Savant is easy to use. Homeowners can simply operate the system with a tap of a finger on a mobile app, high-resolution touchscreen, remote, or with voice control. Beyond operating one smart device at a time, programmed scenes can operate multiple bays of motorized shades, illuminate an entire floor of the home, start playlists and more. Homes transform into an entertainment hotspot or relaxing oasis with just a tap.

Home automation improves the whole-home experience – it’s more than a few smart devices sprinkled here and there in a home. It’s a comprehensive system that conducts the operation of smart technologies in tune with one another, as a seasoned conductor does for their orchestra.

Works with Third Party Brands

Savant home automation systems work with a variety of third-party brands like Ring, Samsung, Xbox, Sonos, Apple TV and more, while also making strides in developing additional partnerships. This means homeowners have a wide range of brands to incorporate into their homes for climate control, lighting, entertainment, security and more.

If you’d like to bring comfort and convenience to your Houston, TX clients’ homes with automation, call us today at (281) 907-9620 or reach us using our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!