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Customized Home Automation

Why Crestron is the Ultimate Smart Home System

If you’re looking into adding smart features to your current home or perhaps building or renovating a new one, there are a few home automation systems to consider. 

You might wonder what the differences are between these systems.  There is one overarching reason why we at Refined Systems recommend Crestron – it is supremely flexible.  Crestron’s approach to home automation is to deliver the best customer experience, and that means one that is as personalized as possible to the customer’s requirements. 

Intrigued as to what that means?  Read on for a couple of examples of what’s possible with a Crestron-powered smart home system in Houston. 


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Personalized User Interface

One of the most important features of Crestron systems is that the interface is extremely customizable. With other systems, certain layouts and templates for controls are not very changeable, beyond basic things like backgrounds and colors. While Crestron offers many standard templates to enable us to get your system up and running quickly, if you don’t like those standard approaches we can change them to your liking – colors, button shapes and labels, and how screens are laid out, and navigation - so you have intuitive, personalized control over your home’s functions.

One example of a room setup that can get complicated is a home theater or media room. You may have a variety of equipment to control. Perhaps you have a TV for regular watching, and a drop-down screen with a projector for those times you want the whole movie experience with surround sound. Without automation and depending on what you want to do, you might be reaching for a TV remote, an AV receiver remote, another to lower the projector screen, a remote for a Blu-ray player or Apple TV, and perhaps manually turning down the lights.

With a Crestron system, all that can be reduced to one-remote simplicity. One button can turn on all the right equipment, set all the correct inputs, and turn off all unnecessary equipment, as well as set the lights to the desired level to watch the show or movie. That remote could be a customized traditional style one with hard buttons, or a touch screen if that’s your preference. Part of the Crestron difference is its ability to integrate all sorts of non-standard devices into its automation schemes. So if you need to control a custom motorized drapery or a piece of vintage audio equipment for that media room, it can be done.

Crestron’s customizability even extends to fit with your décor. The Signature Series touchscreens are available in 15 colors. If none of those suit your style, Crestron can even customize a color or even the logo art on your touchscreen.


Voice Control – Your Choice

Voice control is an increasingly popular option for home automation. While Amazon’s Alexa is the leading voice assistant through their Echo smart speakers and integration into other devices, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are also increasingly popular options for home automation and device control. Crestron initially partnered with Amazon to bring Alexa voice control to their home automation systems. More recently, they introduced integration with Google Assistant. And only a month ago, Crestron announced its partnership with Apple to bring Siri voice control (through Apple Homekit) to Crestron systems.

What does this all mean? Choice. Depending on the assistant you prefer, your voice can be one more way to manage your smart home. For example, in kitchens and bathrooms, the option to have handsfree ways to control AV, security, lights, shades, and virtually anything else managed by your Crestron system is just one more way to simplify everyday tasks. If you have an Alexa speaker in the kitchen, you could say a command like “Cooking” to turn on your kitchen lights to the right levels, and perhaps the TV to Food Network for inspiration. If the preference is for Siri, you’ll be able to tell Siri on your iPhone “set welcome mode” to turn on your preferred lights and a music playlist as you walk in the door.


These are but two of the ways Crestron lets you do home automation your way.  To learn about all the options possible with Crestron smart home systems,  Reach out to us today!