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Does Your Business Need Acoustic Treatments?

Create a Quieter, More Productive Environment with Ease

Often when building out commercial spaces such as conference rooms or offices, little thought is put into noise levels. It’s common for boardrooms to have paper-thin walls that make it very easy to hear every word said during a meeting, even if you aren’t in the room. Not only can this be frustrating and potentially harmful for boardrooms, where sensitive information might be shared, but it also creates an unproductive environment where focusing on work is difficult. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution in the form of acoustic treatments.

What Acoustic Treatments Do

Business environments are notorious for having the types of materials that lead to terrible acoustics, such as glass dividers and wood or stone flooring. As someone walks across that marble floor or chats with a coworker next to that glass window, the sound bounces off the hard surfaces and vibrates around the room. Acoustic treatments aim to stop that from happening.

Acoustic panels do more than simply soundproof a room. Instead, they help to create the ideal sound environment for meetings, teleconferences, and the like. They achieve this by absorbing sound as it begins that reverberation process. Acoustic panels are designed to absorb specific sound frequencies so that background noise stays at a minimum.


How to Add Them to Your Business

Installing acoustic panels is a quick and simple process. Instead of being ugly screens that distract from your business’ décor, the panels are designed to enhance the look of the building. People assume they are artistic, stylish features without even realizing the true functionality of the treatments.

While the installation can be as simple as hanging the panel from the ceiling, it’s still important to have an AV professional oversee the process. That way, you can ensure that the panels are placed in the right locations to have the best noise-cancelling effect.

Signs You Need Acoustic Treatments

The big question is whether or not your company could benefit from improved acoustics. So let’s talk about some common signs that your building has a noise pollution problem. Here are a few annoying things you might notice:

  • Echoes: The sound from your teleconference will bounce and reverberate around the room.
  • No Privacy: Anyone within 10 feet of the boardroom will be able to hear the conversation you’re having.
  • Distracting Noises: Sound works both ways, so while you’re trying to have a productive meeting, any activity outside of the room will be quite noticeable.

Of course, the best way to know for sure how much of an issue noise pollution is within your office space is to bring in an AV professional. We can do an on-site assessment of your building and identify specific areas where acoustics need improvement.

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