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Don’t Leave Your Best Work in the Dark

Coastal Source Landscape Lighting Puts Your Designs in the Best Light

Designers, architects, and builders take pride in their work. They sweat many details to ensure their designs fit the overall style they are trying to achieve. Good designers go the extra mile to add a little detail that may go undiscovered for some time but will be a pleasant surprise that adds to a client's continued enjoyment.

A lot of work may go into the outside design of a home, but often people don’t get to appreciate the detail. When the sun goes down, much of that detail might be lost. Similarly, the investment in outside spaces like patios and gardens may not be as visible either. With proper planning, that work can stand out as it should.

We appreciate the night sky in the Woodlands, so we don’t want to light up properties like the Vegas strip. But the judicious use of a variety of lighting styles and techniques can elevate the beauty of your work in a way that provides a totally different ambiance at night. We work with Coastal Source for outdoor landscape lighting because of the extraordinary quality and variety they bring to lighting. Read on for some lighting ideas to incorporate into your next project.

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Light the Path

While we are focusing on design, we can't ignore the safety aspects of lighting. A well-lit path is safer to navigate at night, and lit areas discourage potential intruders. But each of those goals can be accomplished with style.  Coastal Source solid brass path lights provide subtle illumination to light the way, as well as bathing accompanying shrubbery or flowers with just the right glow on the path.

Bullet Lights for Details

Coastal Source bullet lights are perfect for bringing out a detail that might not get its due during the day. They can be aimed up to highlight a tree, an architectural detail, or anything else. The bullet lights can be very focused or spread light over a wider circle. And their solid brass construction assures years of corrosion-free performance.

Wash Lights

Wash lights are compact and discreetly mountable almost anywhere. Their size and light output allow for a variety of uses. One might be to illuminate a particular outside wall or a portion of a landscape. With CREE LED technology built-in, it is designed for years of efficient use.

Step Lights

Step lights can add dramatic effects – and a safety factor – to steps. Imagine using step lights to illuminate beautifully crafted Lueder stone steps in a patio leading to the pool area. Coastal Source step lights can be installed on the vertical rise of steps or along the side walls. The company also uses a proprietary and patented Coastal Connector system that makes for easy installation and long life.

Niche Lights

Niche lights are small and practical to use in tight spaces where you want almost invisible gentle lighting. Hide them in rocks or paths. Install them along rustic stone steps, or create a unique lighting effect on a deck. The flexibility is inherent into these lights, but you add the creativity.

Why You Should Work with Refined Systems

Refined Systems has been working with design professionals in the Houston area for many years. We understand sophisticated home technology and how to incorporate lighting into integrated solutions that enhance the aesthetics, security, and efficiency of our client's properties. We can help provide the technology foundation, design, and installation to bring out the best in your plans.

If you want to know more about Coastal Source landscape lighting for your next project in the Woodlands,  call(281) 907-9620, click below to connect today, or reach out to us. We look forward to working with you.