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Energize Your Business With Crestron Lighting Control

Get the Most out of Your Houston, TX Company With Smart Lighting Solutions

The two major factors you need to look for in any integrated lighting system are its cost-effectiveness and how it benefits productivity. If you’re looking for a system that can do both, Crestron lighting control is one of the smartest places to start. Known for its scalability and advanced scientific approach to enhancing comfort and productivity through lighting, Crestron is a leader in commercial lighting solutions. Want to learn how it can help your business? Read more below.


Simplifying Scalability

Crestron is a leader in commercial lighting systems because they make it easy for your integrator to get the job done, and that translates into a quicker and more efficient design and installation job for your business. By creating products that work, and giving certified integrators access to the tools necessary to create an intelligent design, your lighting system will be installed in no time.

So what does this have to do with your business? Unless you’re running a custom integration firm, you probably don’t care about the details of designing a Crestron system! But understanding the fundamentals of what your integrator means when they discuss certain products can help you make informed decisions when choosing to enhance your system.

Plus, very few systems remain constant throughout your business’ lifespan. Over the years you may have to expand the system for greater coverage as your company grows. Knowing that you’re working with Crestron products – a longstanding brand that will remain a leader well into the future – you know that you can trust the products you’re installing.

Enhancing Productivity

The other half of the equation when it comes to commercial lighting is how your system enhances the productivity of your workforce. Crestron continues to lead the charge in scientifically advancing the role lighting plays in how we behave, and they’ve developed a solution that may help energize your workers and help them remain productive throughout the workday. It’s called circadian rhythm lighting. 

Circadian rhythm is a natural phenomenon that essentially explains how animals and plants tell the difference between day and night. We wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night largely because of our reaction to sunlight. However, these rhythms can be thrown out of whack occasionally, leading to sleep disorders like insomnia and narcolepsy. More relevantly, however, improper rhythm can also throw off your whole work day.

By taking into account the angle, color, intensity and frequency of the light that your employees experience throughout different parts of their day, Crestron’s circadian rhythm technology can help them stay alert and remain productive when other, less advanced systems, might make them feel tired and worn out. It’s just one of the ways Crestron continues to advance their products.


Are you interested in investing in a Crestron lighting control system that will remain effective for years and help your employees stay productive? Contact Refined Systems today for more information!