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Exploring the ROI of Audio Video Distribution for Businesses

Is AV Distribution a Good Investment for Your Texas Company?

Media technology is often a big part of daily operations for businesses. You might have screens in meeting areas where the latest sales goals are posted. You might have digital displays in the lobby where you can promote your services. And the odds are likely that you have some sort of sound system in order to provide your employees or customers with pleasant music throughout the day.

But how do you manage all of these different media systems? If your answer to that question includes the words “manually” or “individually,” there’s a better way. It’s called audio video distribution, and it offers a lot of benefits for Houston businesses. Below, we break down how AV distribution works and what kinds of ROI you can expect after implementing this helpful technology.

What is Audio Video Distribution?

AV distribution is a process by which one AV source sends media to different displays or speakers throughout your business. One central system functions as the brain of your media device collection. From that central point, you can easily control what music, TV show, or advertisement plays on each specific media device.


What Kind of ROI does It Offer?

There are multiple factors that you need to consider when evaluating the ROI of implementing AV distribution. That’s because many of the common benefits aren’t easily quantifiable. That said, here are a few of the advantages that you should explore:

1. Fewer Devices/Streaming Costs

If your business relies on streaming services or cable television, the recurring costs of paying for a cable box for every display really add up. Since audio video distribution can use one media source for every area of your business, you can cut down on those recurring fees.

2. Less Time and Effort Needed

Often, the thing holding businesses back from making the most of their digital displays is how time-consuming the process of managing them is. Manually adjusting the music or television screen in each area is painfully slow, and employees simply have better uses for their time. But with AV distribution, changing the station or turning on music is as simple as pulling out a tablet and selecting that display.

3. More Impressive Displays and Ambiance

Instead of having something fresh and compelling every day, these displays often default to the same basic media again and again. Whether your displays are for internal use by employees or are visible to potential customers, stale and outdated media doesn’t benefit anyone. Because AV distribution makes managing media devices so easy, it allows your business to better utilize your displays for branding and customer/employee engagement.

Business technology has come a long way in recent years. If you feel like it’s time for your company to start taking advantage of AV distribution or other commercial automation technologies, contact Refined Systems by calling (281) 907-9620, filling out this questionnaire, or clicking the live chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen. We’d love to speak with you about the possible solutions for your business.