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How Can Technology Help You Design Healthier Homes?

We Help Architects Create the Perfect Living Environment

When architects are designing a new space, they need to look beyond aesthetics. Since people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors—whether at home, work or school—it's vital to offer the ultimate comfort as well. Health is another thing to consider, especially when it comes to overall air quality in the home.

How can you ensure your projects offer the ultimate environment of comfort and health? As you read this blog, you'll see how our home health automation solutions help you provide the best services possible for your clients in The Woodlands, TX.

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Temperature & Comfort

Looking at indoor environmental quality, one of the first things to consider is thermal comfort. You’ll need an efficient HVAC system to heat and cool down the space as well as circulate air throughout it.

Through smart thermostats, homeowners create distinct zones, each with their ideal temperature. Each zone uses temperature and humidity sensors to set the perfect climate without drastic increases or decreases in temperature that can affect air quality.

It is particularly important to monitor humidity. The higher the humidity, the more people are affected by allergens and vulnerable to mold, but low humidity and dry air also affect breathing -- and even electronics. Smart thermostats ensure your home is always between an ideal 30-60 percent humidity.

Architects can also help ensure greater temperature control by creating energy-efficient designs with tighter seals that let in less outdoor air. This will help preserve heat in the winter and keep out the warmth in the summer.

Air Quality Control

One of the most significant benefits of integrated home health automation is improving air quality throughout your project without having to alter your design drastically.

For homeowners, bad air quality will not only affect those that struggle with common allergens like dust. If overall air quality goes down through mold, dust mites or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), they’ll deal with dry, scratchy throats as well as increased fatigue.

Not only should you integrate ventilation, which removes VOCs, but dilute the area by bringing in fresh air. Home health automation sensors judge air quality and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Homeowners can easily integrate these tips using their smart HVAC systems.

Health Care Monitoring

If you have older clients or those with chronic health issues, you may want to advise them on additional health automation devices they could integrate once they have a strong networking and automation foundation in their properties.

Home health automation devices track essential data like blood pressure, BMI, sleep patterns and bathroom activities. The data is sent directly to health care professionals to reduce the number of doctor visits needed and help to isolate trends. Family members and medical professionals receive alerts in case of unusual activity.

Ready to stand out from your local competition with health-conscious projects? Start by working with our technology experts who have experience partnering with designers, architects and builders. All you have to do is give us a call at (281) 907-9620, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.