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How Can Your Business Benefit From an Audio Video Installation?

Take Control of Your Professional Messaging With AV

Many Houston, TX businesses struggle with the idea of finding the right way to get their message across. Whether it’s a professional firm or a local eatery, just about any business can benefit from the heightened visibility of an audio video installation. The AV in your space will help define who you are, influence customer actions and spread the word on the different items and services you offer. In this blog, we’ll show you how intelligent, integrated AV can make a huge difference in your workplace.


Define Your Office Environment

Did you know that the music you play in your office can influence your employees’ behavior? For instance, the right playlist can help make them more focused and productive throughout the workday. But that doesn’t work if you have a low-quality speaker blasting loudly in one corner of your office. Instead, distribute high-fidelity music evenly into every corner of your space to keep your staff happy and productive.

A professional audio layout can help. Audio video installers are trained and experienced in designing audio systems that sounds great, no matter where you’re positioned in the space. They can also help ensure you’re hearing the very best, lossless audio content by bolstering the network with top-of-the-line fiber optic cables and powerful Wi-Fi towers.

Share Real-Time Messaging

Make sure your customers know about your current promotions by investing in video walls. Update the messaging in real time to remove an out-of-stock item from the menu or to highlight door-buster sales. Unlike traditional signage, digital signs can be manipulated with a few strokes on a keyboard or tablet, so you can always keep your messaging front and center.

Digital signs are perfect for bars and restaurants that feature regularly-changing menu or happy hour specials. When your happy hour starts, the prices of beverages and dishes can automatically drop. Once it’s over, they can return to normal. Similarly, the signs are a great way to spotlight clearance deals in a shop or boutique. Once the item is sold out, you can change the sign with no hassle.

Capture Attention With Distributed Video

Sometimes, there’s no easier way to capture attention than with streaming video. Spread the word about what your firm does or stream a live sports game with a reliable, great looking 4K video distribution system. From a central source, you can select and play the kind of content you want to share with your employees or customers with ease.

Are you ready to begin using an audio video installation that can influence behavior, share your messaging and define your workplace culture? Contact Refined Systems today!