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How Commercial Building Automation Keeps Your Business Safe

Protect Your Assets and Employees With Smart Solutions

Protecting your company is one of the top priorities among Houston, Texas business owners. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of your employees, securing your workspace or protecting your assets, there are few things more important than implementing reliable measures for lasting results. An integrated building automation system can help protect your spaces with easy-to-use controls and intuitive sensors that allow components to work on their own. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the ways your business can benefit from smart automation.


Smart Entry Systems

Managing who gets in and out of your building is easy with a smart entry system. Unlike traditional key-and-lock units, automated entry systems provide nearly impossible-to-duplicate access control, remote notifications when in use, and they integrate with other connected devices for greater safety.

Smart locks have been around for decades. In the 1980’s, you could use a keycard to access locations. Today, biometrics is changing the game. Now you can use your retina or fingerprint for a key. You’ll never leave your keys at home again!

Additionally, when an employee or coworker enters or leaves, you’ll receive a push notification on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can monitor when the cleaning crew arrives at night, or when the first worker gets in the office in the morning. If someone forgets to lock up as they leave, you can do it remotely with the touch of a button.

Moreover, your smart locks can integrate with the rest of your connected devices. In the morning, the integrated HVAC system can automatically lower the thermostat as soon as the first employee walks in the door. As you lock up at night, the lights can dim, and the smart shades can lower to save energy and enhance privacy.

Protecting Your Network

When it comes to safety, you have to think about more than just the physical protection of your staff. There is a lot of valuable information stored on your computer network that needs to be shared among your employees. That’s why implementing strong network security measures is essential.

If your business is online – and let’s face it, in the 21st century it almost certainly is – you have to contend with threats that can strike unexpectedly from the internet. Malware can infect your system and cause everything from information leaks to complete shutdown. Luckily, though, there are a number of protections you can utilize.

Firewalls are your first line of defense against intrusion from an outside source like the internet. Anti-virus software can identify and isolate viruses, Trojan horses, adware, spyware and more. And a virtual private network can ensure that files are only shared among trusted sources, even when your staff works remotely. Each of these protections is important, and ideally, each will work with and complement the other for greater safety.

Is your business secure? Building automation can help keep your staff and your assets safe. Contact us today for more information.