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How to Make the Most of Your Home’s Lighting

Get More Value from Your Lights with these Smart Uses

How do you use the lights in your Houston, Texas home? Many people think that lights are as simple as “on” and “off,” but the reality is that you can do so many things with your home’s lighting! If you’re seeking new opportunities to put your lights to use, we’ve compiled our top four favorite ways to do more than just turn on the lights with a lighting control system powered by Lutron. Keep reading to learn more.

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Set the Scene

Your lighting needs are going to be different depending on the room, time of day, and chosen activity. Pre-set scenes enable you to get the perfect lighting for each circumstance with the touch of your home control tablet or smartphone. Choose a “Cooking” scene to make the kitchen bright. Tap “Movie Night” to dim the lights for that authentic cinema experience. At bedtime, select “Good Night” to turn off all the lights in your home, save the safety lights that guide paths for midnight snacks and bathroom breaks.

Scenes are about far more than just setting the light to low, medium, or high. Sensors throughout your home detect how much natural and artificial light is available, and then adjust each bulb so that you have the optimal amount of brightness wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Secure Your Home

A lighting control system is no replacement for a full security and surveillance solution, but it can enhance your existing security by making your home appear to be occupied when you’re away. A “Vacation” scene can be programmed to have your lights mimic the patterns of everyday use, turning on in the morning, adjusting throughout the day, and turning off at night. Combine lighting with motorized shades for an even more convincing ruse.

Save Energy

Everyone knows that turning off the lights when you leave a room helps save energy, but a lighting control system takes it to the next level. You can integrate lighting with other aspects of your smart home system, such as motorized shades and HVAC control. These automated systems work together to optimize energy usage in your home. On sunny days, the lights stay dim to take advantage of natural light. When that light starts to heat the home, however, the motorized shades lower to reduce the strain on your HVAC system. When that happens, your lights brighten to compensate for the lack of natural light.

Take it Outside

Your lighting control system doesn’t have to be limited to just your living room or bedroom. Your landscape lighting can be part of the same smart home system, making it easy to adjust lights throughout your entire home, including patios, pools, pathways, and driveways. If you’re having a party, light up the path from the driveway to your patio to let guests know where to go. Incorporate fun and colorful lighting in your pool or spa to help enhance the ambiance.

Whatever you want your lights to do, it’s possible with a lighting control system from Refined Systems. To design a custom lighting solution for your home, contact us today.