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How to Make the Most of Your Lighting Control System in Winter

Break through the Darkness with Smart Lighting Control

There are a lot of great things about wintertime. The holidays offer many opportunities to spend time with family and friends, and the Texas heat finally starts cooling down to a reasonable temperature. But one aspect of winter that isn’t so great is how quickly it gets dark in the evenings. Fortunately, smart lighting control systems can help keep your Houston home cheery and bright all winter long. To learn how, keep reading.

Make Your Home Festive with Light

Whether you’re a Christmas light connoisseur or prefer a more understated lighting style, adding landscape and building lighting is a great way to make your home stand out. A strategic lighting design can help highlight your home’s unique architecture and landscaping features. And with technologies such as timers, light sensors, and remote controls, you can create an entirely hands-off approach. Once the sun sets, your lights can automatically turn on, then power down at a certain time each night.

The sky is the limit for holiday displays with your lighting control system. You can sync up music with your Christmas lights, then choose the playlist or song right from your smartphone. Feel like changing the color of the lights to match the holiday? Again, just pull out your phone or tablet and make your color choice!

Don’t Forget the Interiors

Sensors and timers are good for more than just landscape lighting. Don’t let a dark and gloomy interior affect your mood; Keep each area just as bright as always with energy-efficient LED lighting. Just like with your outdoor lighting, you can use your lighting control system to automatically keep each room at just the right levels for comfort. More than just turning on the lights each evening, smart lighting control actively monitors the brightness in each room, taking advantage of natural sunlight when available and dimming overhead lights to save on energy, then raising the brightness on cloudy days.

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Keep Safe with Motion Sensors

With the time change, most families are finding themselves arriving home each evening in the dark. And while Houston might not get covered in snow this winter season, it’s entirely possible that we could see some ice or sleet. One simple misstep could cause serious injury, so it’s important to ensure that your home’s exterior is well lit.

Of course, you don’t have to run up a huge energy bill by leaving all the lights on every evening. Motion sensors make it easy to light up the areas you need, right when you need them. As someone walks up to your front door, motion sensors will illuminate the path and turn on the front porch light. These same motion sensors can also become part of your security system. If unusual activity is detected around your home at night, the sensors will trigger all the lights, shining directly on the intruder.

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