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Illuminate Your Property with Ease

Are You Using Your Landscape Lighting to its Full Potential?

Incorporating the right outdoor lighting can affect the safety, presence and aesthetic of your property. With landscape lighting, you achieve added security for your Houston, TX home along with an elegant look.

In this blog, we will look at what you can do with landscape lighting to enhance your property.

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Emphasize Your Home’s Features

Use landscape lighting strategically to draw attention to the features you want to highlight on your property.

Incorporate lights from Coastal Source, one of our preferred brand partners, throughout your property. For example, outfit your trees with their MR16 Hanging Light for elegant downlighting punctuated throughout the space. The result is like a scene from a movie, with just enough light provided to cast shadows of the landscaping to emphasize their presence.

You can also use their Well Lights to illuminate tall objects (like sculptures or ornate walls) from a subtle fixture the ground.

With the various designs available, you’re likely to find one to illuminate any aspect of your landscape exactly the way you want.

Increase Safety and Security

Landscape lighting creates a safer environment as it lights up pathways, steps, patios, and doors around your home. Your outdoor lighting system can prevent falls that would occur if you or your guests were walking around in the dark.

Moreover, when you set up lights around the perimeter of your property or in highly vulnerable areas, you’re less likely to encounter loitering, potential intruders or other unwanted activity.

Set the Scene for Nighttime Entertaining 

It’s well-known that a party’s ambiance affects your guests’ experience. Create the right scene with landscape lighting to provide not only sufficient light for the event but also a memorable and aesthetically-pleasing experience.

Moreover, you can schedule your lights to turn on at the time you’re expecting guests to come over, or on any other given night once the sun sets.

Take Care of Your Lighting System

Part of ensuring that your system works properly is understanding which of its components are most susceptible to issues that will affect the whole system.

Prevent lighting shortages by protecting the connections. The connections in the lighting fixtures are the parts that are most likely to be damaged by environmental factors and thus cause the system not to work.

Coastal Source carries their patented Coastal Connector, intentionally-designed to protect the vulnerable parts of your lighting system with casings that don’t corrode or rust shut.

Are you ready to see the benefits of incorporating landscape lighting on your property? Reach out to us here or give us a call at (281) 907-9620.