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LED Lighting Design Gives Interior Design a Whole New Meaning

LED Light Fixtures and Automation are the Key to Successful Design

In the same way that anyone can snap a photo on their smartphone and call it professional photography, interior design is a broad and subjective term. But both homeowners and professional interior designers understand that a solid home design is about more than just sticking some paintings on the walls and choosing a complementary rug pattern. Design is about the feel and flow of each room.

One of the biggest trends for home décor recently is LED lighting design. It’s all about taking the light fixtures in each space and using them to effectively emphasize that desired feel and flow. To learn more about how LED lighting design is modernizing the interior design industry throughout the Houston Texas area, read on.

Showcase Your Décor

A painting is just a painting…until it becomes the focal point of the room. While you can use design tricks such as centering the furniture on a certain art piece or simplifying the other décor in the room, nothing has quite the same effect as lighting. With the right lighting design, you can draw the eye of everyone who enters the room to the décor you most want featured.

More than simply placing a spotlight above a painting, lighting design requires careful consideration of form, function, and feeling for every light fixture throughout the room. The appropriate placement, brightness level, and color temperature all play a role in achieving the perfect ambiance for any given space.

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Embrace Dynamic Lighting

Very few rooms in a home are used for a single purpose. The kitchen, for example, is used to cook meals, entertain guests, help the kids with homework, etc. The ideal lighting levels for each activity are going to be different, so why not embrace a system that allows you to effortlessly set the right lighting scene at the push of a button?

Dynamic lighting allows interior designers to find the right lighting scene for every possible occasion. Save those settings once, and then homeowners can enjoy them again and again simply by selecting that option on their smartphone or using a voice control system like Amazon Alexa. While this smart home automation technology significantly enhances convenience and comfort for homeowners, it also significantly contributes to home design.

Take a well-designed living room, for instance. When you walk into the room, the lighting subtly draws your eye to the gorgeous Renoir or Picasso over the fireplace. The lighting levels in the space are bright enough for comfort while still conveying a relaxing atmosphere fitting for the evening. But what happens if you want to watch the television? Spotlights over the artwork are now a distraction instead of a feature, and the room is slightly too bright to provide the best picture quality on the screen.

All you have to do is push a single button. Instantly, the light dims in the room and shifts the focus in the direction of the television. Without any extra effort, the room is transformed into the best environment for catching up on your favorite show.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to give your space a fresh new look or an interior designer seeking a partner for LED lighting installations, Refined Systems is here to help. To learn more about our LED lighting design services and technology, contact us today.