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Make Your Teams More Productive

Modernize Your Office Audio-Video Installation

Modern business moves at a fast pace. New communication and software technology enable people to share information and get things done faster than ever before. Emails and faxes are still around and have their uses, but new software-based collaboration tools like Skype, Zoom, Slack, Trello, Asana, Microsoft Teams, and many more have changed the nature of work, whether it’s internally or with partners, clients, and suppliers.

Are your meeting spaces equipped for modern collaboration? We are not talking about basic connectivity like full Wi-Fi everywhere and fast Internet connections — although those should be up-to-date to deal with today’s data requirements. Today’s workers want to be able to use multiple devices for communication and collaboration — whether it’s an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Chromebook, Windows laptop, Mac laptop, or something else.

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone wanted to connect their mobile device to the room’s projector or display for a presentation, but there was only an HDMI or VGA cable? That conference room left a lot of today’s devices out in the cold in their ability to collaborate.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways to modernize your offices and meeting spaces to bring them into 21st-century technology. Read on for some ideas on upgrading your audio-video installation to maximize productivity in Houston.

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Better Conference Room Audio

If your conference room is equipped with only a basic speakerphone for group-based conference calls, you may be wasting time repeating things as people strain to hear and people have to huddle around the phone or speak too loudly. A variety of microphone systems can alleviate that issue, and they can be used to improve audio for both audio and video conferencing. Multiple microphones can be positions around a conference table, ensuring everyone is within close range of one to speak naturally. Microphone arrays that pick up sound from all around a room can also be used on a table top or integrated into the ceiling for a sleek installation. Some systems have sophisticated digital signal processing that minimizes feedback and tames the issues with picking up sound in a large meeting room.

If outside noise from a busy open office space around a meeting room is an issue, acoustic solutions can also help your audio performance. Sound absorbing panels from our partner Snowsound can help insulate a room from both outside noise and tame reflections from hard surfaces inside the room. Sound masking solutions from our partner Cambridge can reduce distraction with sophisticated sound cancellation techniques.  Today’s technology can ensure that “can you hear me now” becomes a thing of the past.

Smarter Video Conferencing

Today’s teams have gotten used to utilizing a plethora of tools that turn laptops and mobile devices into full-fledged audio and video conferencing platforms. Your meeting and conference rooms should enable teams to use their devices of choice and utilize tools like Skype for Business, Zoom, Starleaf, as well as tie into enterprise solutions from companies such as Cisco and Polycom. Our partner Starleaf has a variety of systems that enable small meeting rooms to larger auditoriums to collaborate with people across town or across the globe. These systems can allow participants to share data off their devices, display presentations and information on conference room projectors and screens, and start meetings easily with the press of a button. The best part is that these systems also allow remote participants to see and hear everything as if they were physically in the meeting room.

Better Conference Room Displays

Display technology has advanced rapidly in the past several years. Most of today’s devices are moving beyond just HD (1080P) resolution with improved graphics. Your conference room displays and projectors should prepare for the future by going to 4K resolution. Video, images, and text will all be far sharper and easier to see and work with. Some conference room displays are also smart, employing software like Microsoft Windows and touchscreen support that enable more interactive discussions and brainstorming right around the screen. Another valuable tool is the smart connected electronic whiteboard, where teams can communicate in real-time naturally and have the whiteboard system automatically capture the notes and put them into digital formats that are easily shared across the group.

Are you ready to modernize your Houston office environment with the latest audio-video technology? Let us work with you to integrate the technology that will improve your teams’ productivity and collaboration. Reach out to us today!