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Simplify Your Meetings With Conference Room Automation

Enhance the Productivity of Your Houston, TX Business

Engaging customers and clients in your business can be tough, but sometimes engaging employees and coworkers can be even harder. That’s why you don’t want to waste time in your meetings and training sessions setting up complicated technology. Whether you need to share 4K video or speak to a large group via a microphone setup, conference room automation can streamline the process to prepare for each meeting. In this blog, we’ll show you some ways you can use your office’s technology effectively. Read on for more.


Simple Solutions for Setting up Your System

You may not realize it, but technology affects everything you do in your office. From the obvious things like your computer and audio video systems, to your lighting and HVAC and even security features like surveillance cameras and entry systems, there’s a lot of complicated technology you have to deal with each day. A conference room automation system can help ease the burden.

With a single wall-mounted device, you can touch one button that transforms your entire conference room into a perfectly optimized meeting environment. When you tap the “meeting” button, your lights dim, the shades close, the projector and screen drop down from the ceiling and automatically start. There’s no hassle to set up your space; it’s all done in one touch.

Effective AV for the Workplace

Most conference room technology revolves around your audio visual components. Whether you need to share a presentation or speak to a large group, the most important aspects of your meeting space have to do with what your coworkers and employees see and hear. 

With an automation system, you don’t have to worry about achieving the correct volume for your microphone setup. Nor do you have to worry about ambient lighting conditions washing out the picture on your screen. You don’t even have to come in early to hook up your computer. When you integrate technology, it’s all easily accessible in the room and ready to be used.

Hidden Technology

Of course, sometimes it’s not necessary to use the technology in your space. In those cases, you don’t want to be distracted by devices you’re not intending to use. That’s why your conference room system can remain hidden when not in use. The screen can roll back up into the ceiling, the projector back into its recess, and even the connection console can recede back into the table. Once everything is back in place, you have nothing but an uncluttered conference room in which to conduct your business.

Are you ready to enjoy more productive meetings thanks to conference room automation? Contact us today!