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Sound on Sound? The Solution for Loud Office Spaces

Use Sound Masking to Reduce Distraction Caused by Noise

Your work environment should be a place of productivity. With that productivity, though, may come with a lot of noise. To keep work flowing without disrupting the necessary noise that comes along with operations, consider sound masking in your Houston, TX business.

In this blog, we will discuss what sound masking can do for your business and why it works.

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What is Sound Masking?

Let’s start by distinguishing a few different methods of sound control.

Soundproofing: This is a method through which sound does not leave the area. Soundproofing is often utilized in recording studios or spaces with a lot of heavy noise that may distract or be unwelcome outside of the space.

Sound/Acoustic Treatment: This treatment improves the quality of sound in the room or building. Acoustic treatment is exactly what it sounds like: it treats the existing sound to be as high-quality as possible. 

Sound Masking: This approach actually adds more sound to muffle or disguise the already-existing noise. It masks the sound instead of trying to remove it, adding subtle audio on top as a technique to muffle its presence.

Why is it a Good Business Decision? 

What does your office look and sound like without sound masking? There is likely quite a bit of noise: chatting coworkers, printers, telephones and so on.

This noise pollution can contribute to undesirable results: less productivity, increased stress, illness, decreased job satisfaction and more; all due to the distraction from the noise. With that in mind, it’s apparent that your business will benefit from combating this noise pollution.

Sound Masking = Results

Soundproofing is often not realistic in an office, as it would require isolated areas that are individually soundproofed. If you have an open office environment where people walk about freely, sit in cubicles or collaborate frequently, your space is not set up properly for soundproofing.

Instead, you can utilize sound masking to play a low-level background noise that doesn’t distract or interfere with daily operations. The approach allows the day to continue as usual with the sound being covered and obscured by another layer.

Moreover, you can use sound masking as a security technique. If your workplace is home to confidential information that you don’t want getting into the wrong hands, masking the sound hides those conversations from being heard distinctly.

Our professional team will work with you to ensure that the sound masking technology is installed and functioning according to the acoustic design of your business space.

If you are ready to incorporate sound masking into your Houston area business or just learn more about it, you can reach out us by clicking the button below or giving us a call at (281) 907-9620.

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