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Spruce up Your Office With Smart Technology

An Intelligent Building Automation System Can Redefine Your Spaces

When doing business in Houston, Texas, you’re in danger of being lost in the crowd. Whether you want to impress clients with your knowledge of the industry, you want to streamline communications among staff or you just want to keep the office secure, a full-service building automation system can deliver what you need. Distributed audio video is one of the top ways to grab attention and increase profitability. Here are some great ideas for improving your office with smart technology.

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Impress With a Video Wall

Want to capture the attention and imagination of your clients and coworkers? There’s no better way than with a dynamic, digital video wall. Whether your goal is to impress with the crisp, clean look of 4K resolution or use the active colors and changing images to hold interest in your product, you’ll need a system that can deliver.

Every boardroom has some version of the projector-and-screen set up. Maybe it manifests as a flat-panel television mounted on the wall. But as the world moves more and more into the digital age, and images become more ubiquitous, it’s important to use technology that can keep up.

Distributed Audio

It’s a fact, employees work harder and longer when they are happy, and music is one of the simplest ways to keep them working. Take control of your sound system with streaming services like Spotify, Pandora or the high-quality music station Tidal to help increase productivity and employee happiness. Stream the sounds through discreetly installed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that provide even-sounding music to every area of your office.

Plus, a distributed audio system can help streamline communications between your staff. Give your employees access to quickly communicate with each other through an integrated intercom system that can be accessed with a smartphone. Especially in larger offices, intercoms are useful tools for speaking with workers and with a smart phone, everyone is accessible anywhere in the office.

Smart Surveillance Systems

Protecting your employees, private files and merchandise is essential for making your business successful. The easiest way to keep your spaces safe is with a smart surveillance system.

Modern surveillance cameras make security easier than ever before since they are sleek, discreet and capable of 360 degree, HD images. Access recorded or real-time footage from your computer, smartphone or tablet to pause, rewind, locate a timestamp or even zoom-in on specific areas. You can even integrate the cameras with the rest of your automation system, like smart lights and locks, to react when unwelcome activity is detected.
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