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The Key to a Great Home Design: Hidden Technology

Enjoy Home Automation without the Clutter of Cords and Devices


Often, something keeping luxury homeowners in The Woodlands area from embracing home automation is the fear that technology will spoil their beautiful interior design. Nobody would want the focus in the carefully designed areas of their homes to be on bulky devices or twisted wires. Fortunately, automation technology can stay completely hidden from view—and more importantly, can actually help improve the look of your home. To learn how, read on.

Hide Your Televisions

While televisions are great for entertainment throughout your day, there’s no denying that they take up a lot of space. Such large devices look particularly out of place in areas like bathrooms or bedrooms. But if you want to catch up on your favorite show before bed or relax in the bathtub with the latest Oscar-worthy flick, you should consider a mirror TV. These televisions are actually part of the mirror hanging on the wall. When you want to watch a show, just tap on your smartphone or tablet, and the mirror will transform into a crystal-clear television screen.

Simplify Your Home Controls

These days, there’s a remote for everything: your televisions, your whole home audio system, your electric fireplace…And the result of this is usually a drawer somewhere filled with piles of remotes that you have to sort through in order to find the right one for your needs. Home automation technology allows you to manage all of these systems at once through your smartphone and tablet. You can get rid of all those extra remotes!

Another common way to control things throughout your home is through wall switches and panels. Your ceiling fans, lights, thermostat, etc. all detract from an otherwise seamless wall. The good news is that your home automation system can get rid of that wall clutter. When you want to turn on the light or lower the temperature, simply select that option on your phone.

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Choose In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

You don’t have to stick speakers in every nook and cranny in order to enjoy music throughout your home. Innovation in sound system design has made it possible to completely hide speakers without compromising on audio quality. Instead of taking up space on bookshelves or jutting out of the wall, these hidden speakers go directly into the wall or ceiling. The location is then carefully concealed so that each speaker blends in with its surroundings. Equipment like amplifiers can be hidden away in cabinets or utility closets.

Technology and high-end home design don’t have to be at odds all the time. Home automation makes it easier than ever to enhance the look and feel of your spaces. To get started on a customized solution for your home, contact us today. You can also chat with one of our representatives immediately by pressing the Live Chat window at the bottom of the screen.