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The Solution to All Your Conference Room AV Problems

Commercial Automation Makes Technology Work Seamlessly


Let’s face it: as wonderful as modern technology is, sometimes it can be a real pain. Especially in conference rooms, where it’s vitally important that meetings go smoothly, one IT issue can throw off an entire day. Advances in technology have made it possible for businesses in Houston, Texas to collaborate with people all over the world in real time, but most conference room setups still fall victim to some very common problems:  equipment that isn’t reliable or easy to use. If you’re tired of struggling with mismatched conference room AV equipment, then read on to learn about the easy way to improve.


The Root of the Problem: Compatibility

Have you ever tried to open a Microsoft Word document on an Apple computer? The program was designed to run on a completely different platform, but Apple does manage to offer a compatible solution that sort of, kind of gets the same result. However, no one would argue that “sort of, kind of” is as good as “operates exactly how intended.”

In your business, you likely have conference room AV equipment from many different manufacturers. Your speakers, projector, motorized screen, teleconferencing equipment, and more are all designed on different platforms. They’re “compatible,” but not necessarily built from the ground up to work together flawlessly. Each separate system is trying to be the head honcho that controls the other equipment, essentially fighting each other instead of working together. As a result, you get those common IT issues of the microphone not picking up sound, the teleconference failing to launch, and so forth.

A byproduct of this setup is that you have to manage each element of the system individually. Every component has its own startup process and remote. So every time you want to launch a meeting, it takes extra effort to piece together everything you need in order to communicate effectively.

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The Solution: Crestron

There isn’t a single manufacturer that can provide every piece of conference room AV equipment that you need, but there is a manufacturer that can create that seamless unity across all the disparate devices. It’s called Crestron, and it’s the leading provider of conference room automation solutions.

You’ll find Crestron technology operating in some of the most prestigious business, nonprofit, and government environments around the world. The World Bank, the Pentagon, MGM Resorts International, NASA, and Microsoft—to name a few—have all chosen Crestron as their building automation provider.

So what is it about Crestron that makes it ideal for conference room automation? It all has to do with Crestron’s ability to connect every device to one central control system. Think of Crestron as an interpreter that can speak thousands of technology languages fluently. This centralized management platform is one calling the shots and making everyone play nice together—not the individual devices.

A conference room set up with a commercial automation system is designed from the ground up to handle all of your meeting needs at the push of a button. At your command, everything in the room responds—from the projector to the speakers to even the window shades.

Want to start a teleconference? Just tap the “Meeting” button on your smartphone or integrated control panel. Ready to leave for the day? All you have to do is press “End.”

Your business technology should work the way you want, whenever you want. Contact Refined Systems today to get started on a custom automation system for your meeting areas.