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What Can Smart Home Control Do For You?

3 Ideas to Reap The Benefits of Smart Home Technology

If you have heard a lot about smart home technology, you know there are a plethora of devices out there that promise to make your life so much easier.  Smart devices can make your home function better, adding convenience, luxury, and often energy savings too. 

But what are the best ways to really take advantage of this technology?  Some solutions add real value, and some are more of a novelty that may not make much difference in your daily life.  In this blog, we want to identify what we believe are the best smart home control applications that will make your life easier, day in and day out in Houston.   

Read on to find out more!


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Smart Thermostats, Lighting, and Shades

Individually, solutions exist for intelligent control of lighting, shades, and temperature.  Each one of these individual solutions had its benefits.  Motorized shades can simplify windows treatments for very high windows, or make it far easier to raise and lower shades for a house with a large number of windows.  A smart thermostat is easier to program, learns your patterns, and can be controlled remotely.  Similarly, smart lighting can group any combination of lights, set a scene, and be controlled remotely as well.

Put these three smart home control solutions together, and you have even more benefits.  If you leave home, your lights can shut off to save energy, and leave some on for security.  Your shades can lower to keep your house cooler and more comfortable in the hot Texas summer. Your smart thermostat can be programmed to be in sync with your lights and shades, creating a more comfortable environment, saving energy, and saving money as well.


Smart Locks and Security Cameras

Again, individual products exist for controlling locks and security cameras.  But put them together, and you can gain greater security and peace of mind.  With strategically placed cameras, you can see who is ringing your doorbell.  From inside the home, you can remotely unlock the door and let a neighbor or child in. 

If you are away from home, the combination of a remote lock and camera allow you to give temporary access for a delivery or service person, assuring you that you know who is in your home and what is happening there. 


Smart Entertainment Control

Smart home control practically originated with entertainment and home theater control.  Sophisticated remote controls automate which devices need to be on or off for a particular function like watching a movie. They can also set inputs, lower a screen, tune a channel, or whatever other step is necessary, all from a single button press. 

Today’s entertainment control systems integrate with other smart controls, adjusting lighting, temperature, turning on a gas fireplace, and lowering shades when it’s time to watch a movie in a family or media space. 

If that integration wasn’t enough, you could even use your smart entertainment control as an added security measure.  Along with setting an “away” mode that controls specific lights to simulate occupancy, your entertainment system can also turn on and off to realistically make your home appear like someone is there. 

Do you sense a theme?  Smart home control is more than about controlling one function such as lighting.  Putting it all together in a broader home automation scheme makes the solutions and benefits much more than the sum of the parts. 


To learn about all the options possible with smart home control,  Reach out to us today!