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What Can You Control with Your Smart Home System?

Learn the Possibilities for Your Sugar Land Home

Many people don’t realize just how versatile smart home automation truly is. Smart home automation opens up a world of options for adding convenience and comfort to your home, from lighting control to whole home audio. In this blog, we cover some of the most popular ways to integrate a smart home system into your Sugar Land, Texas home. 

Motorized Shades

Raise and lower every shade in your home with the push of a button. More than just the convenience of not having to manually adjust your shades, motorized shades actually save energy. By using sensors to identify when to let in natural light and when to shade your home from too much heat, motorized shades cut down on HVAC and lighting costs.

Home Security

Easily control the locks, surveillance cameras, and other security features in your home straight from your smartphone. See who is at the door or let in a repairman while you’re away, giving you the ability to keep your home secure while you go about your daily life.

Home Audio Video

By integrating distributed audio/video into your smart home system, you can control what’s playing on each TV and stereo in every room of your home. Turn on a movie for the kids in the dedicated home theater while you’re relaxing outside, or raise the volume on the music you’re listening to without having to walk over to the stereo system.

Lighting Control

A lighting control system allows you to adjust the lighting throughout your entire home with ease. With a single touch of your Crestron control tablet, set the perfect lighting for each daily activity—watching a movie, going to bed, exercising, and more. Use sensors to turn the lights on or off automatically as you walk from room to room, saving money on electricity while boosting convenience.

Other Possibilities

The options listed above are often considered to be the “essentials” for smart home automation, but the real value in a smart home system lies in customizing it to your needs. If you have a large aquarium, use your control system to automatically adjust the aquarium lighting and cleaning. For audiophiles, create a dedicated listening room with a high fidelity stereo system and turntable, all controlled by a tablet or smartphone. Whatever your passion, a smart home system can improve it with streamlined automation technology.

To learn more about what smart home automation can do for your home, contact us today.