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What’s the Best Video Conferencing System?

Find the Right Meeting Equipment for Your Conference Room


There are a lot of different video conferencing systems out there, and each one promises to give you the reliability and functionality you need to conduct meetings with people across the globe. So how do you find the one that’s right for your company needs? Refined Systems has tried quite a few different conferencing platforms, and our personal recommendation goes to StarLeaf. Below, we cover what makes StarLeaf the ideal solution for businesses in the Houston, Texas area.

Most Reliable Infrastructure

Meeting with international employees or clients is often a challenge for teleconferencing systems. Often, the teleconferencing equipment has to rely on third party communications networks to achieve signals in other countries. That’s not the case with StarLeaf. They own a global communications network that spans from California to Beijing. This infrastructure enables StarLeaf to connect reliably to areas all around the world.

Solutions for Every Business

A small huddle room will have different teleconferencing needs than an auditorium. For businesses with multiple meeting room sizes, this poses a challenge. You want to get the ideal equipment for the space, but it’s also great to have standardized systems in each part of your business in order to cut down on employee training and user error. StarLeaf makes it easy to get the right equipment for each room’s size and business needs.   

Comprehensive Integrations

As we’ve mentioned previously on our blog, conference room AV problems are often caused by incompatible devices that don’t work well together.  It’s important to choose technology that has been built from the ground up to integrate easily with other conference room devices. StarLeaf fully supports all the main technologies and systems you would need in a modern conference room, such as:

  • Microsoft Outlook so that you can schedule meetings effectively
  • BlueJeans to streamline the process of connecting to BlueJeans conferences
  • Crestron so that your video conferencing system can be part of your full conference room automation solution

How to Get Started

As with any piece of technology, having a high-quality brand does not necessarily equate to a high-quality experience. To get the most from your teleconferencing system, you should have it installed by conference room automation experts. A professional installation ensures that your technology is easy to use from day one. The devices should integrate into the room seamlessly, with speakers and microphones at just the right locations for the best audio coverage possible.

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More than just the video conferencing, Refined Systems can handle all the technology needs for your boardroom or conference room, from the audio/video installation to the motorized window shades.  Using commercial automation technology, we streamline management of all these systems so that you can control everything with the push of a single button.

If you want the best technology for your business, contact Refined Systems today by calling (281) 907-9620, filling out this quick form, or chatting with one of our online representatives.