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What Sounds Best in a Dedicated Home Theater?

Refine the Audio in Your Sugar Land Private Cinema

If you love movies, you know the two most important parts of any given film are the sights and the sounds. In previous blogs, we’ve covered how to get an excellent picture, and we’ve touched on immersive audio. Here, we’ll take a deeper look at how to achieve great audio in your Sugar Land, Texas property’s dedicated home theater. Read on to learn more.


3D Audio

You’ve probably heard of 3D audio before. In fact, we’ve mentioned it on this very blog. But while it sounds almost too good to be true (pun intended), the question remains: how does it work?

The answer starts in the sound department of a movie’s production. Systems like Dolby Atmos have completely revolutionized the way sound is mixed. In the past, a soundtrack was mixed according to channels, which determined what speaker that sound would come out of. Atmos, on the other hand, treats each sound like an individual object, allowing it to move freely across channels. So when a rocket takes off, the sound seems to travel across the room with it.

What does all this mean for your home theater system? It means that you can have the same sound quality in a small room with a total of seven speakers that a commercial theater achieves with sixty. The unique placement of the speakers (two hang over your head) creates a sphere of sound around the listener. As people and objects move across the screen, it’s like you’re totally immersed in their auditory world.

Acoustical Treatments

Of course, if you want great sound, you’ll need more than just some fancy equipment. You’ll need to prepare your room for optimal audio. The right seating arrangement and material can help the sound reach your ears more efficiently, but if you want perfect sound quality, you’re going to need acoustical treatments.

What are acoustical treatments? Many people use the phrase interchangeably with another home theater necessity – sound proofing. However, the truth is that they are not the same. To put it simply: sound proofing keeps the sound from bleeding out of the room while acoustical treatments make the sound in the room appear more resonant and robust.

Imagine standing in a bare concrete room. When you try to speak, an echo becomes apparent. That’s because the sound reflects from the hard surfaces. When you put a carpet in, and maybe some plush furniture, that echo is reduced considerably. The soft materials absorb the sound, making it clearer. Acoustical treatments do the same for your walls and ceiling – absorb the sounds coming from your surround sound system. But the best audio comes from a mixture of absorption and reflection, so you’ll want to be discerning when placing the treatments.

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