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Why Invest in a Lighting Control System?

Two Ways to Benefit from Lutron Lighting Control

One of the most popular categories of smart home technology is lighting control systems. Lighting systems can range from the relatively simple to very sophisticated automated installations. One of the first benefits that springs to mind from lighting control might be the potential energy savings. Using lights only when needed, and turning them off automatically when they’re not can yield substantial savings on energy bills.

Clearly, energy savings can be a big factor, especially when lighting control is combined with other smart home features like intelligent climate and motorized shade control. With our hot and humid Houston climate, smart control can deliver significant savings in electric bills in the warmer months. But there is another considerable reward which comes with lighting control in additional security for your property. In this blog, we'll cover the two most important reasons why you should invest in a Lutron lighting control system for your Houston home.

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Saving Energy

Energy conservation is a key reason to invest in lighting control, and it only makes sense to use energy sensibly and be good stewards of our environment. Saving energy also means saving money too. We work with Lutron for lighting control solutions because they have been the industry leader for decades. Their solutions range from single room systems to large-scale lighting automation for an entire campus of commercial buildings.

Lutron has several easy ways to conserve energy. One is through occupancy sensors, which are built into several of their smart light switches. If you have kids or others in your house that are not very good at turning off lights when they leave a room, these sensors can detect if a room is unoccupied and do the job.

Beyond sensors, Lutron’s automation capabilities can range from simple to sophisticated. A lighting scene can be set for outdoor lighting, illuminating outside entries and pathways at dusk and turning off at sunrise. Another scene could set the right lighting in bedrooms, baths, and kitchen areas for getting ready in the morning to go to work and school and turn off those lights later when no one is home. And going beyond lighting, Lutron also makes motorized shades and smart thermostats and works with those from other vendors as well. When you combine smart lighting, shading, and climate control, the energy savings multiply.

Making Your Home More Secure

Most everyone can agree that a well-lit area tends to be a safer area. Lutron lighting control can make your home safer with automated lighting. When your outside doors and paths are lit, people have less chance of tripping and falling in the dark. Potential intruders will think twice about breaking into a house where all the possible entries are well-lit.

When you’re away from home, Lutron lighting scenes can be programmed to make it look like you’re still there, turning lights on and off in a realistic pattern the way you might typically do. Lutron systems also integrate with a wide variety of smart home devices and automation systems. When a smart camera detects motion, your Lutron system could be triggered to turn on all the lights and startle a potential intruder.

There’s much more that Lutron lighting control can do for your Houston property. Reach out to us, click the chat button below, or give us a call at (281) 907-9620 – we’d love to tell you more.