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3 Perks of Home Audio Installations You Haven’t Considered

Enjoy Audio in New & Exciting Ways

We’ve discussed the joys of multi-room music in the past, and if you really love music, then you understand the draw of having this innovative smart home functionality in your Bellaire, TX home. Home audio can truly transform the way you enjoy your property, whether you’re entertaining your family or relaxing after a long day of work.

There are several components to a home audio system, from high-quality speakers to amplifiers to music sources that can play your favorite tunes. In this blog, we’ll discuss three home audio applications you may not have considered before.

Keep reading to learn more.

Improve Your Outdoor Spaces With an Upgraded Sound System

As the Weather Gets Hotter, So Should the Entertainment!

With the weather getting warmer in the Lone Star State, many of us are itching to get outdoors to enjoy the sunny climate. From lounging in the pool while listening to your favorite tunes to watching your favorite shows outdoors, you can do it all in your Memorial, TX backyard.

An outdoor sound system elevates your entertainment beyond simply bringing a Bluetooth speaker outside to enjoy while the family hangs out by the firepit at night. Keep reading to learn how an upgraded audio system can elevate your outdoor time, well, in no time!

Spending More Time Indoors? Listen to Audio Throughout Your Home

Whole Home Audio Brings Tunes to Your Favorite Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

With the statewide stay-at-home orders by Governor Abbott, many Texans find themselves spending more time in their River Oaks, TX, home than ever before. Luckily, your time spent indoors doesn’t need to be drag thanks to whole home audio solutions.

Whether you want to listen to your favorite music while prepping dinner or relaxing in your backyard and watching your favorite TV show on your outdoor TV, Refined Systems can design your home’s audio entertainment to meet your needs – now and in the future.

Keep reading to learn which areas of your Houston-area home can benefit from whole home audio.

Benefits of Sound Masking in Offices and Work-From-Home Environments

Protect Confidential Information and More With This Innovative Commercial Solution

You and your Houston-area office colleagues may have found yourselves working from home for the sake of social distancing in the last few weeks. Transitioning into a remote work from a home environment can be difficult, but with the right foundation, you can keep pace with your previous office productivity and efficiency without skipping a beat.

Luckily, with solutions like sound masking and video conferencing, you can bring your favorite secure collaboration tools from the conference room into your personal home office environment.

Keep reading to learn more about technology solutions you can use in your new Katy, TX, remote working space.

Safety Precautions Taken by Refined Systems in Response to COVID-19

The team at Refined Systems is keeping an eye on all the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States and around the world, and we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our employees, clients and community safe during this time. Health precautions and protocols in line with WHO and CDC directives are taking place throughout our organization to reduce the spread of disease. Every day our team reviews up-to-date recommendations to ensure we’re doing everything to curb the spread of COVID-19.

3 Things You Wouldn’t Guess Motorized Window Shades Could Do

You May Be Surprised by How Technologically Savvy These Window Treatments Are

We’ve often discussed the benefits of motorized shades for Texas homes. From saving you money on energy costs and helping you reduce your carbon footprint to complementing your interior design scheme perfectly, motorized shades bring a wide variety of technological solutions to your River Oaks, TX home.

But what about the lesser-known technological solutions that motorized shades can bring to homes like yours? Crime deterrence, scene programming, and creative placement solutions are all possible with these motorized showcases of designer fabrics and styles.

Keep reading to learn three things you probably didn’t know that motorized window treatments can do.

Brand Spotlight: Savant Home Automation Systems

3 Reasons Why We Enjoy Installing Savant Systems in our Houston Clients’ Homes

Potential homebuyers are knowledgeable about more than ever these days, and a Savant home automation system can help new homes stand out in a crowded market. Houston, TX homes with Savant systems are never dull and draw in potential buyers with luxury technology solutions that go above and beyond what’s possible with a DIY smart home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three reasons why incorporating a Savant home automation system in your new home builds and current projects will improve your clients’ satisfaction.

3 New Audio Video Installation Ideas for Your Home

Consider These Trends Before Your Next AV Upgrade

As we entered the new decade in 2020, many of us may have asked ourselves how we could improve our lives with new year’s resolutions. Beyond the typical resolutions to upgrade oneself, have you also considered upgrading your home in The Woodlands, TX?

An audio video installation can not only bring your home into the new decade in style, but it can bring comfort and convenience to the way your entire family lives. From enjoying music as a family – or separately – to enjoying a soothing oasis after a long day, an AV upgrade will help.

Keep reading for three ideas to consider for your next AV upgrade, so your home’s entertainment can catch up with you in the new decade.

4 Ways Total Home Automation Can Improve Your Clients’ Homes

Making Homes Truly Connected in The Woodlands, TX Is Our Specialty

Homeowners today have a variety of smart devices and systems within their homes – multi-room music to HVAC to lighting to motorized shading and more – and architects and builders are often asked to incorporate these devices into an easy to use system for their clients.

By working with a total home automation specialist, you can provide your clients with what they want in one comprehensive technology package designed and installed by a reputable design-build technology integrator.

Keep reading to learn four ways tying your clients’ systems and devices together can give them a truly connected home in The Woodlands, TX.

Revamp Your Home Theater System Just in Time for the Big Game

From the Super Bowl Party to Movie Night, Your River Oaks Home Entertainment Will Shine

Before you know it, Super Bowl LIV will be here along with some excellent game day parties! Why not bring the party to your home theater by considering a few essentials for your home theater system or media room? Your friends and family will enjoy high-performance audio and video in your home entertainment spaces.

Whether you’d like a crisper and brighter picture or more immersive audio, Refined Systems can bring your River Oaks, TX home into the new decade with an AV upgrade. Keep reading to learn three key considerations for your home.

Incorporate Smart Home Design into Your Clients’ Homes

There’s No Need to Avoid Tech When Smart Solutions Blend Seamlessly

Smart technology has become a buzzword in the building community, with many of our clients seeking these new and innovative technologies for their new-build homes or upgrade projects. Long gone are the days of clunky technology that interferes with interior design schemes.

Interior design considerations included in every home – lighting, shading, HVAC – can all be improved by adding smart technologies. Presently, there are many smart home design solutions that you can help your clients incorporate into their Memorial, TX properties.

Keep reading to learn how you can help your clients introduce smart interior design elements into their modern and sleek homes.

3 Innovative Designs to Add to Your Media Room

Inspiration for Your Next Houston, TX Technology Upgrade

If you’re unable to dedicate an entire space of your Houston, TX home to a home theater, then a media room is your answer to multi-purpose entertainment for the whole family. Media rooms fulfill several needs, from entertainment to spending time with the family.

The entire family can enjoy the space, or you can turn it into a man-cave or she-cave space for yourself if you’d like! Keep reading to learn three innovative media room design additions to consider for your next technology project and bring your home into the future.

3 Reasons a Smart Home Installer Partnership Is Good for Business

An Integrator Is Key to a Smoother Build & High-End Clients

Devices have taken the world by storm, and homeowners across the globe have hopped aboard this smart home trend. If trend predictions are met in 2021, every American will own more than ten smart devices. With that many smart devices in a home - wired and wireless audio/video or home automation solutions - there are particular building and design solutions that need to be considered, and it goes further than simply including a wireless network to support the devices.

When builders partner with custom electronics specialists like Refined Systems, they are facilitating a partnership that also includes homeowners. A recent Houzz survey shows remodeling spending is healthy, with popular smart home additions including home security, outdoor lighting and audio/video entertainment. A smart home installer can help builders extend their access to higher-end clientele in The Woodlands, TX, that are looking to spend money not only on new-builds but remodels, too.

Keep reading our blog to learn three reasons you can benefit from partnerships with custom electronics professionals.

Avoid DIY Disasters by Working with a Smart Home Designer

Have Your Texas Home Running Without A Hitch

If you’ve walked into a big-box retailer lately, you likely noticed aisles dedicated to smart home devices. From video doorbells to DIY security cameras to Wi-Fi light bulbs, several smart home tools are on the market and are easy to purchase and install. Unfortunately, each of these devices works separately from one another; this results in juggling several different smart apps on your smart device in order to control your smart home.

With the help of a smart home designer, you can incorporate smart devices into your River Oaks, TX, home so they work well together, within a comprehensively designed smart automation system that operates smoothly without juggling a mishmash of different apps.

Keep reading this blog to learn a few different smart home solutions you can incorporate into your home with the help of a smart home designer and how our systems outrank DIY setups.

Work With A Smart Home Design-Build Team From the Start

Your Greater Houston-Area Clients Will Love You for It

Smart home devices have made their way into just about everyone’s home, and we’re sure yours is no different. As you’ve worked with your clients in Memorial, TX and the Greater Houston area, you’ve more than likely had requests to design various technology-rich spaces like home theaters and outdoor areas. From whole-home audio video solutions to lighting control systems, Texas clients want their big ideas brought to life in their homes.

Working with a reputable smart home design-build team like Refined Solutions can make your job easier because your clients’ homes are in good hands. We have years of experience working alongside interior designers and architects, are active members in several industry associations and have a turnkey approach to smart home projects.

Keep reading this blog to learn a few solutions you can provide your clients by working with a quality integrator when creating a smart home in Memorial, TX.