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Create Your Own Outdoor Entertainment Oasis

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces with these Audio and Video Upgrades

Summer is around the corner in Houston. As we all know it comes quickly here; going from the warm spring to the hot and humid summer. Of course, the good news is that our mild weather lets us make better use of the outdoor spaces in our homes. A pool is one surefire way to mitigate the Texas summer heat. But even without a pool, the balmy evenings after the sun goes down invite us outside.

Most likely you have spent time and money creating an outdoor space that is an extension of your lifestyle. You have a patio for shady relaxation and dining, an outdoor kitchen for summer grilling, gardens and landscape that frame your home, and perhaps a pool and sports court. What would make all that even better? You can have the same level of audio and video entertainment outdoors to maximize your time outside. Imagine relaxing after dinner on the patio with a summer movie night right there, or keeping an eye on the Rockets NBA playoff game while you grill the steaks. Perhaps chilling in the pool to the sounds of a favorite Spotify playlist is your idea of downtime.

All of these options are yours when you invest in an outdoor entertainment system for your Houston home. Read on for some ideas on turning your outside spaces into your next entertainment oasis.

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Outdoor Audio

There are reasons movie soundtracks almost always incorporate music. The music accentuates the story, heightens the drama, evokes emotions, and simply elevates the experience. When it comes to the outdoors, music is for more than just a party. Music can add lively fun to pool parties or help you relax in the sun or shade. It can get your creative juices flowing for your outdoor cooking, too.

The great thing about outdoor audio is that the variety of options for quality sound is astounding. Whether you are into low background music or wanting to rock, you have many options. If you don't want to see speakers, you don't have to. One of the latest trends with outdoor speakers is the subterranean subwoofer.

You can have the rich, full bass that you get indoors without having to see any large subwoofers. When paired with smaller satellite speakers that can hide in your landscaping, the result is high-fidelity sound that blankets your outdoor area with seamless music. An outdoor system can also be an extension of a whole home audio setup, so your music can be controlled inside and out from the same intuitive interface.

One of the companies we like to work with for outdoor audio is Coastal Source. The company makes audio-enthusiast worthy speakers in weatherproof bollard, bullet, and rock styles that either complement or blend into your landscape. Coastal Source also makes landscape lighting, which can create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor spaces after the sun sets.

Sometimes you need an even more customized approach for outdoor sound. Another one of our favorites, James Loudspeakers, makes unique audio solutions that blend into patios, gardens, and outside walls. Among the innovative solutions are pendant speakers that hang from a covered patio ceiling, and speaker enclosures that can be built into stone veneer outside walls. Their landscape and pendant speakers come in a variety of colors and can even be custom-colored upon request.

Outdoor Video

Outdoor audio is just part of the entertainment. For movie nights, Netflix show binges, and sports, an outdoor TV – or maybe more than one – can ensure you can stay out of the air conditioning a bit longer. While sometimes you can get away with a standard TV outdoors, we don't recommend it. Like weather-resistant outdoor speakers, TVs need to withstand the elements too – we get rain, cold snaps in winter, and high heat in summer.

One of our favorite brands for outdoor video is Sunbrite. The company makes a variety of models with the latest 4K and HDR technology in sizes from 43 to 75 inches. Some models work in partial sun and others are explicitly designed for shaded areas. Besides weather resistance, essential aspects of outdoor TVs include brightness level and screen material so that they retain a bright picture in varying light as well as resisting glare from the sun.

What about TV sound? You have many options there too; one of them being to pipe the sound through your outdoor speakers. Another is a custom soundbar from James Loudspeaker perfectly matched to the size of the TV, for superior audio that everyone can enjoy – as well as a built-in look that displays your excellent design taste.

Are you take your outdoor entertainment to the next level in Houston? Call (281) 907-9620 or reach out to our team today; we look forward to working with you.