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Enhance Your Home With a Customized LED Lighting Control System

Save More With Smart Lighting

For many Houston, Texas homeowners, home automation is about saving. Whether it’s saving the environment, saving money on bills or saving time on making their home as beautiful as possible, there are plenty of ways to save when you integrate technology. Among the most effective and efficient is adding Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures to your lighting control system. In this blog, we’ll show you how LED lights provide a customizable and long-lasting alternative to traditional incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, and how integrating them is one of the best investments you can make. Read on to learn more.   


Easy Beauty         

Did you know LED lighting can change color? That’s right; each diode contains a spectrum of thousands of color gradients.   And because LED lights consist of many diodes, unlike fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, customizing their size and shape is relatively easy.

We can install light fixtures for everything from lining your walkway, to illuminating your pool, to creating beautiful highlights behind your home theater screen. You can light up an entire living room, or a single hallway. LED lights provide nearly endless options for customization.

Greater Efficiency

Fun fact: a traditional incandescent light bulb uses only about 20 percent of the electricity used to power it for light? They expend the rest as heat. Whether you’re concerned about the environment or lowering your energy bill, the unnecessary waste can add up. Thankfully, LED lights use 70-80 percent electricity, making them extremely energy-efficient.

Beyond lower energy costs, that means you’re not limited to unsatisfactory lighting options. Sufficiently light every corner of your home with dimmable, beautiful LED lighting – and you end up saving. Never settle for a few lamps when you can have recessed, in-ceiling fixtures throughout the main house, plus remote control over the lighting in the pool house.

Longer Lasting

One of the biggest fears homeowners have about upgrading the lighting throughout their outdoor spaces is changing the bulbs every now and again. Few people want to call their local CE professional to come out and install new bulbs every few months. Luckily, LED lights can last up to 11 years without replacement.

Of course, you probably won't be leaving your lights on all day and night. If you take advantage of many home lighting control features like occupancy sensors, timers, daylight sensors and "away" modes, your lights could last more than 20 years.

Are you ready to integrate a lighting control system into your Houston home? Contact us today.