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How Does a Smart Home System Work?

Learn How Technology Makes Your Texas Home Better

When you hear the phrase “smart home system,” you likely have a pretty good idea of what that is. It’s a home that acts intelligently to make your life more luxurious, save on energy costs, increase security, and so on. But have you ever thought about what goes on in the background to make those benefits possible? If you have ever wondered how a few pieces of technology can have such a big impact on your Houston home, then read on.

For a Smart Home, You Need Smart Devices

The first step to creating a smart home system is replacing the traditional “dumb” devices and elements in your home with “smart” alternatives. That could be swapping out your window treatments for motorized shades or upgrading your regular door locks with ones that allow you to control them remotely. These devices improve on the original design by automating tasks you would normally have to do manually. In many cases, they look just like the regular version, and they can be completely hidden so that you don’t have products or cords cluttering your home.

Everything is Connected Together

Just having individual smart devices isn’t enough to create a full smart home system. The real magic happens when all of these devices are connected on the same network. We program all of the smart devices to communicate with each other and react as a group to certain commands or conditions.

Here’s an example of how that works: If you have a fire in your kitchen, you might have a smoke detector that can set off an alarm or even notify the police. But with a smart home system, that smoke detector could also send an alert to your smartphone, power down all the electronics in the area, and even shut off the HVAC to avoid fanning the flames.

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One-Touch or Automated Control

Once you have all the devices integrated into your home, you obviously want to be able to manage them easily. We set up your smart home system so that you can access everything via your smartphone, tablet, wall touchpad, or remote. They connect directly to a smart home hub, such as Crestron or Savant, which has complete control over all the devices. If you want to watch a movie in your media room, all you have to do is pull up your phone and push the “Movie” button. The smart hub will send out commands and instantly the windows shades will lower, the lights will dim, and your TV will turn on and display all the different movie options.

And even the small effort of selecting an option on a touchscreen can be eliminated by using timers, occupancy sensors, and other technology that operate without any prompting from the homeowner. For example, you can use timers to schedule when your outdoor lights should turn on or off or have driveway sensors that illuminate your porch and entryway as you return to the property. You can even create complete scenes that trigger at certain times of the day—each morning, your home could greet you by slowly raising the shades to let in light, adjusting the temperature in the room, and turning on music.

Your smart home system can be fully customized with the automation that makes sense for your lifestyle. At Refined Systems, we employ a complete team of designers, programmers, and technicians that can handle the entire project from start to finish. To learn more about the possibilities for your home, contact us today.