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Interior Designers: Here’s What It Means to Work With a Crestron Dealer

Explore How Custom Lighting Control Can Enhance Your Projects

As an interior designer, you always are working to achieve the ideal look within any space.

A sound design entails far more than just a seamless flow throughout the room. Lighting can play a crucial role in determining the success of your projects.

When you work with a Crestron dealer for the lighting control and shading needs in your Houston, Texas-area projects, you can optimize your design projects and have more power in achieving your design goals.

We explain how in the sections below.

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What is Crestron Lighting Control?

In standard homes, you might consider lighting control to consist of basic on/off switches.

Crestron technology goes far beyond the standard on/off switch. A certified dealer will work with you to overhaul the controls for your clients’ lighting systems into a single solution.

Instead of a room’s lights only having on/off capability, you can dim lights to whatever levels you desire. You even can create preset lighting scenes that the end user can access by pressing a button on a custom in-wall keypad.

End users even can control their brand-new lighting system from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

Crestron provides not only custom lighting control. They also offer integrated shading solutions and the ability to operate with other smart home devices.

So, how can including Crestron technology in your interior design projects actually enhance your work? Keep reading to find out. 

How Crestron Can Enhance Your Projects

As we mentioned above, you can create preset lighting scenes with a Crestron system.

After a professional installation, each light works independently and in coordination with motorized shades so that you can customize lighting levels to optimize the look of each room.

If you are looking to achieve a magazine-ready look in your clients’ homes, Crestron technology provides you the tools to attain your desired lighting levels.

Our team will then work with you to program those scenes into custom keypads and control interface commands that your client easily can access throughout their home or through their mobile device.

Now, you might be wondering what happens to the in-wall switches in the clients’ home. Crestron offers a variety of custom switches and dimmers – from standard to sleek appearances – that can replace traditional switches.

Crestron even offers a vast range of customization options for their in-wall keypads. You can decide between colors, styles, and more. You also can select a flush-mount keypad.

If you include Crestron motorized shades in your projects, you also can select from a variety of roller shades, Roman shades, wood blinds, and more – all varying in colors, patterns, and opacity.

This is especially helpful in attaining your interior design goals. When you work with a Crestron dealer, you can ensure that lights, shades, in-wall switches, and keypads complement – and perhaps even enhance – your projects.

At Refined Systems, we love working with interior designers throughout the Houston area to enhance their projects with connected technology.

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