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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business AV System?

See the Difference that Modern Commercial Audio Video Can Make

Companies in the thriving Sugar Land area are always seeking an edge that will improve efficiency and boost business. While a commercial audio video system isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind for business efficiency, an outdated and clunky system can end up costing your company. Below, we cover four questions you should ask yourself about your business AV system so that you can tell if it’s time for an upgrade to more modern technology.

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Is Your Current System Easy to Use?

If it takes your employees 10 minutes just to prepare the boardroom for a meeting, your AV system is in need of an upgrade. Today’s commercial audio video systems are designed to do exactly what you need with the push of a single button. Trying to start a presentation? Just tap the touch screen and the system will automatically lower the shades, dim the lights, turn on the projector, lower the screen, and display your PowerPoint.

Can You Control Everything with One System?

Manually powering on and setting up each individual audio/video component each time you need to use the AV system is more than just a pain—it’s time-consuming and inefficient. Instead, connect all of the different devices as one streamlined system. That way, everything works together. Your employees will never have to search around for the right remote or waste time waiting for everything to connect.

How Reliable is Your Current System?

There are few things worse than having your teleconference drop right in the middle of a call. Poor audio or video quality and dropped signals all indicate that your system doesn’t have the reliability you need for regular business use. Upgrade to a system that will provide clear, uninterrupted audio and video every time you use it so that you never have to play the “will it work this time?” game.

Does AV Equipment Clutter the Room?

Appearance makes a big difference, especially for rooms that are open to potential clients and existing customers. To create a seamless, clean décor in your conference room, all of the speakers, remotes, and other AV equipment need to be hidden away. By ditching all the extra remotes, hiding speakers in the wall, installing the projector into the ceiling, and integrating equipment directly into your conference table, you can avoid all the clutter and replace it with a single, sleek tablet.

If any of the above questions have made you think that an upgraded commercial audio video system is the smart choice for your business, contact Refined Systems today. From video conferencing to interactive whiteboards, we’ll work with you to develop an AV system that meets the unique needs of your company.