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Why Should You Invest in Motorized Shades?

3 Key Advantages for Houston Homeowners

If you’ve done any research into the possibilities of smart home automation, then motorized shades have probably cropped up on multiple occasions. That’s because upgrading your window treatments with automation is a simple step that makes life better in so many different ways. To learn more about the difference motorized shades can have in your Texas home, read on.

1. Effective Energy Management

Texans do a lot of things to try to cut down on energy usage each month. During the height of summer, it’s a guarantee that your AC unit will be working overtime to keep your home cool, and even energy-efficient building materials and HVAC equipment won’t be able to fully mitigate the heat of the sun. One of the main reasons homes get so hot in the summer is because the windows facing the sun act as conduits for transferring heat inside, essentially baking each room. Motorized shades are a great solution for avoiding this solar heat gain.

While you can insulate your home with regular window treatments, the real value of motorized shades comes from the automation aspect. That’s because motorized shades block out the sun only when you need them to. In addition to timers or on-command adjustments, you can set up the shades to use sensors that identify sunlight and heat levels in the room. Shades then automatically raise or lower as needed.

2. Effortless Ambiance

There are a lot of different elements to interior design. The right artwork, architecture, and décor can promote the perfect ambiance for the room. However, one aspect of interior design that’s a bit trickier than hanging a painting is the challenge of designing a room that has great atmosphere for different occasions. The look and feel of a room being used for entertaining with friends should be different than the look and feel when relaxing alone with a good book.

The solution is to incorporate dynamic elements that can adjust to match your needs for any given activity. Typically, this refers to things like hidden TVs or light dimmers, but you can also incorporate your window treatments into your automation design. While you’re getting ready for a party or even during the night’s festivities, just tap your smartphone or tablet to adjust the shades (and other automated technologies) throughout your home.

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3. Stronger Protection

Your home and everything in it is an investment, and it’s one that needs to be protected. While motorized shades might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “security,” they still can play a big role in keeping your home safe through a “Vacation” setting. You can set your motorized shades (and automated lights, if you have them) to follow regular usage patterns while you’re away on vacation. This is helpful because burglars casing your home will be fooled into thinking that the raising and lowering shades mean that someone is inside, which in turn means that the home isn’t defenseless.

Of course, burglaries aren’t the only thing you need to protect your home from. What about environmental damage? Rooms with large windows often lead to faded and threadbare furniture. The sun’s UV rays actually bleach out the color in fabrics over time and can also cause cracking in wood and leather. You can install special UV-protection shades that automatically lower when the sun starts blazing to help keep your furniture and fabrics looking bright.

Whatever your reason for wanting to invest in motorized shades, Refined Systems can help. Our automation experts are available to design, install, and maintain a vast variety of smart home devices. To learn more, contact us today.