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3 Ways Home Lighting Control Enhances Your Texas Lifestyle

Smart Lighting is More Than a Luxury

Did you know that lighting control is the number one smart home feature requested by homeowners when doing any significant remodel or building a new house? It’s very logical – lighting control can save energy, enhance convenience, and even add a layer of security.

You may think of home lighting control for your River Oaks home as a luxury item – and you'd be right, as it's not an absolute necessity. But businesses implement lighting control too because they can take advantage of those same benefits we just described. And those businesses are not doing it as a luxury; they recognize the bottom line benefits of time, money, and improved environmental stewardship.

As a standalone solution, lighting control makes absolute sense on its own. But Refined Systems is a smart home integration company, and we do more than lighting control. We can show you that when you add other smart home features to lighting control, it becomes even more powerful and useful – for convenience, energy savings and security.

Ready to see how? Just keep reading.

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Smart Solution 1: Smart Lighting, Shades, and Climate Control

This is Texas, and our six-month summer is warm, humid, and sunny. Lighting control can help you harness the most of natural light, and keep it in check when there is too much of it. A smart feature like motorized shades can help protect your interior furnishings from the sun’s UV rays and excess heat. At specific times of the day or with automation from sensors, your smart shades can be drawn when the sun is high in the sky, and open to let the light in later in the day. With lighting control, you can have the perfect mix of natural and artificial light. When you add smart thermostats and temperature sensors, you can have a complete smart solution that saves energy and increases your home's comfort.

Smart Solution 2: Smart Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Whole Home Audio

Smart lighting can help set the right ambiance for any activity. Imagine a keypad on your kitchen wall with a button labeled "cooking." When pressed, your kitchen island and under-counter lights come on to their brightest setting. Your favorite Spotify cooking playlist will also start playing at the same time (yes, they do exist). When it's dinnertime, a dinner lighting setting can turn down kitchen lights, softly light the dining area, and switch the music to a relaxing background instrumental. At the end of the evening, one button can set your spa to your desired temperature, light the spa and the garden around it, and put on a little Diana Krall on your outdoor speakers for a soothing soak before bedtime.

Smart Solution 3: Smart Lighting, Alarms, and Cameras

Lighting, of course, has always provided an element of safety. Bad things tend to happen more in dark places than well-lit ones. Beyond lighting alone, your security system becomes more powerful when you have smart lighting control. Imagine an intelligent camera that triggers your smart lights to turn on brightly when unexpected motion occurs, startling a would-be intruder. Smart lighting can also help in emergencies. If the smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night, your smart home lighting can light paths to exits, and flash the outside lights so first responders can quickly find your property in a dark neighborhood.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of home lighting control and smart automation in your River Oaks home?  Call (281) 907-9620 or reach out to our team today; we look forward to working with you.