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4 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Office Automation

Take Advantage of Intuitive Control of All Your Technology

To run a successful company, you have to give your employees a strong support system. They need the right environment to thrive. There are a variety of ways to create this ideal work environment. It might have to do with the policies you enact or the people you hire. Technology can also make a world of difference, no matter the industry. In this blog, specifically, we highlight four ways that an office automation system can be an asset in your Houston, TX space.

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Increase Your Company Efficiency 

The number one priority for any office manager should be to enhance business efficiency. Having clear, streamlined SOPs is a big part of this. Another key component is ensuring that people are focusing on the task at hand. By automating the technology in your office, you can cut downtime and improve productivity. Employees won't have to waste time adjusting lights, climate, shades and more to create an ideal working environment. They can pull up all their favorite settings at the press of a button, so they hit the ground running when they arrive in the morning.   

Enhance Your Overall Communication 

The second pillar to a successful company is communication. For this reason, boardroom control is an essential part of any office automation system. It should be easy to transform the room in a matter of seconds to hold meetings, conference calls, or training sessions. From one simple device, everyone in your office can manage lights, climate, shades, volume and more. Incorporate collaborative software, so it's easy to share presentations from laptops or mobile devices. Make it easy to start video conferences with remote employees or international partners to cut down on your company’s travel costs. 

Increase Your Employee Morale 

There are a few ways office automation can enhance employee morale. One is the video conferencing we mentioned above; for remote employees, it is an excellent way to stay connected to the company even if they're not there physically. 

But did you know the right lighting can also boost employee morale? Researchers at Northwestern University found that access to daylight enhances productivity and quality of life. Here, too, you can use technology to great effect. Smart lighting solutions can automatically open shades and dim lights to the appropriate brightness when sunlight is available. You can also upgrade your office with LED lighting that provides a much more natural, healthy lighting environment than fluorescents or incandescent bulbs.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Costs 

For many managers, the priority when incorporating any devices is a return on investment. Office automation also offers tangible benefits. Through an integrated solution that includes lights, shades, and HVAC, you can reduce your monthly energy bills. For example, dimming your office lights to 75 percent can result in a 20 percent cut in monthly energy usage. 

Occupancy sensors are another great way to make sure you’re not wasting resources in your office space. According to a study by NEMA, break rooms, conference rooms, and bathrooms are the biggest culprits for energy waste. How can occupancy sensors help? A 20-minute delay sensor can reduce light usage by 47 percent in restrooms and 39 percent in conference rooms. 

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