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Avoid DIY Disasters by Working with a Smart Home Designer

Have Your Texas Home Running Without A Hitch

If you’ve walked into a big-box retailer lately, you likely noticed aisles dedicated to smart home devices. From video doorbells to DIY security cameras to Wi-Fi light bulbs, several smart home tools are on the market and are easy to purchase and install. Unfortunately, each of these devices works separately from one another; this results in juggling several different smart apps on your smart device in order to control your smart home.

With the help of a smart home designer, you can incorporate smart devices into your River Oaks, TX, home so they work well together, within a comprehensively designed smart automation system that operates smoothly without juggling a mishmash of different apps.

Keep reading this blog to learn a few different smart home solutions you can incorporate into your home with the help of a smart home designer and how our systems outrank DIY setups.

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Lighting Control

Picture the lights inside and outside of your home automatically turning on or off depending on the time of day. Then, imagine your motorized window shades automatically rising in the mornings to let the sunshine enter your home. You can also use color-tune lighting in your home, programmed to use warmer, less blue lighting in the evenings to relax you and bright white lighting in the mornings to wake and energize you.

All of these systems can work in sync automatically, or you can operate the lighting with the gentle tap of a button on a smart device, wall touch screens or remote. With the assistance of a smart home designer, lighting control and motorized window shades functions can work effortlessly in your Texas home.

Smart Security

Before you install a video doorbell from the local big-box store yourself, imagine your video doorbell integrating into a much larger, expertly designed home automation system. Explore using any screen in your home, whether it’s a smartphone or wall panel, to see who’s arrived on your front porch – whether triggered by a doorbell ring or motion sensor. You can also tie-in your surveillance cameras, so you can monitor your River Oaks home while away at work or when you’re on vacation.

Home Theaters & Media Rooms

Gone are the days when you could only operate your TV with a remote! You can now manage your entire entertainment space from one universal remote that’s also integrated into your home automation system. A smart home designer can program a Movie Night scene – lowering your motorized window treatments, dimming the lighting, turning on your TV and surround system with a simple tap!

Instead of creating a DIY piecemeal smart home, make your River Oaks home operate seamlessly with the assistance of a smart home designer. Call us today at (281) 907-9620 or fill out our online form to get started with a no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you.