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Experience the Music Everywhere in Your Home

Whole Home Audio for Audiophiles

If you really love music, it’s likely that you’re particular about how you listen to it. If it’s on headphones, you don’t just have any headphones. If you’re an avid listener in your car, you probably have the upgraded audio system. If you have a listening room in your home, you likely have high-end speakers and electronics.

In today’s busy lives in Houston, people rarely sit and listen to music. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have audiophile sound in every room – even outside – throughout your home, as you do other things. That’s where a whole home audio system comes in. A centralized system with speakers in multiple rooms and outside spaces can fill your home with pristine sound, without adding equipment in every room. 


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High-Quality Architectural Speakers

You may want audiophile sound quality, but you don’t necessarily want speakers visible in your carefully conceived décor. Ideally, you want architectural (built-in) speakers in every room where you want to listen. This will entail running wires in ceilings and walls to connect the speakers.

While there have been architectural speakers for a long time, they didn’t always provide the highest sound quality, giving way on audio quality for convenience and unobtrusive design. That, however, is no longer true. High-end audio and speaker manufacturers now produce architectural products that can rival their freestanding counterparts.

For clients that want the best, we recommend architectural speakers from Revel and Wisdom Audio. Both are highly reviewed speaker brands that are well-known and respected by audiophiles. With speakers like these and the right electronics, you can have concert hall sound in every room. 

One of the best things about today’s architectural speakers is the variety, which includes speakers adept at home theater surround sound, background music, and for critical listening. For example, Revel’s W series in-wall speakers have woofers ranging from dual 5-inch models to 9-inch designs, offering excellent bass response for a range of room sizes. For a powerful speaker suitable for stereo or home theater use, Wisdom Audio’s P38i fits into many spaces yet offers the kind of robust technology found in freestanding speakers, like four 6-inch bass woofers and planar magnetic drivers for superior performance with midrange and high frequencies.


Content and Control

What about getting your music to those speakers? There are many options to feed a whole home audio system. At the lower end is Sonos, a pioneer in wireless music systems. The Sonos app unifies access to music sources like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and iTunes libraries and can direct the music to any or every room with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Sonos’ recently introduced new Amp, with high power output and expressly designed for custom installations, can marry the simplicity of Sonos control with audiophile architectural speakers to create a high-performance system. 

At the high end, our home automation partner Crestron makes Sonnex, an audio distribution system that can take multiple audio sources and feed them to speakers in up to 74 zones – enough for the largest properties. The Sonnex system features high power audiophile-grade amplifiers to drive the most demanding speakers, delivering superb audio quality.


Music Outside Too

You can get high-quality audio outdoors also. Coastal Source is our outdoor speaker vendor of choice. Innovative products like the stylish Ellipse Bollard speakers and Bollard subwoofers feature a patented wiring system that virtually eliminates problems with shorting in wet weather conditions. Unlike other outdoor speakers, the Ellipse models are true full-range speakers that deliver a richer and fuller sound outdoors, as well as providing exemplary build quality to last many years.


If you are looking for a whole home audio system in Houston, let us show all the options. Reach out to us today or click below to connect with one of our audio experts.