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Home Theater Design Question: Where Should It Go?

A Smartly Crafted Private Cinema Can Fit Anywhere!

You may have considered integrating a home theater into your Houston, TX property, but felt like you didn’t have the space or the proper conditions in any particular room to fully enjoy it. But actually, with some intelligent home theater design, you can enjoy your favorite movies in just about any space you have in mind. Whether you want to relax in an attic or unused room, kit out the garage to be your ultimate man cave, or set up a cinema in the backyard for summer fun with the family, there are plenty of options available. Find out more after the jump.
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In the Attic

Most homeowners don’t buy a house for the spacious attic. But while some attics can be pretty cramped, if you have enough room to stand up straight and walk around, you can probably enjoy a home theater in there. A custom electronics professional can design a space that allows you to maximize the size of the screen based on seating position, so even if it’s a bit smaller than you’d expect it will be exactly what you need.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to go for surround sound. While some technologies may be out of reach do to the size and shape of the room, consider that you can still listen to a 5.1 or a 7.1 surround sound. Don’t be afraid to ask your integrator about audio solutions.

In the Garage

If you want to deck out your garage as the ultimate man cave, you’re in luck. There are plenty of solutions for your space. Not only will the garage allow more room than an attic, you can also install a bigger sound system. Or you could invest in Dolby Atmos technology, which uses the natural echo of a room to create a 3D soundscape.

However, the primary consideration of any home theater, especially one in a garage, is ambient light. After all, there’s a big garage door that opens and lets plenty of light in! You can install a high-contrast screen to deflect any light not directly in front of it. The result is a setup that shows the movie but doesn’t get washed out if some extra light hits it.

In the Backyard

There’s nothing better than enjoying the summer nights with your family watching a movie in the backyard. An outdoor home theater is the perfect way to chill out while enjoying your favorite films. But some homeowners think they have to suffer through washed out images and poor sound quality if they want to take the fun outside.

Instead, think about a rear-projection setup. Rear-projection means that the projector sits behind the screen, which is made of special, light-filtering material. The projector tends to be brighter and the image doesn’t get washed out by ambient light. Plus, you don’t have to worry about casting shadows on the screen, because the light is coming from behind it.

Are you interested in enhancing your Houston, TX home with some of these smart home theater design solutions? Contact Refined Systems today for more information.