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Increase Energy Efficiency with Green Home Technology

The Environmentally Friendly Solution for New Builds or Remodels in The Woodlands

There’s no reason to be green with envy when looking at the technology solutions in your competitors’ model homes. You, too, can work with custom integration specialists to ensure you’ve got the latest energy-efficient and environmentally conscious smart home solutions in your models and clients’ homes.

A 2017 Harris Poll surveyed homeowners, and 91% cited reducing their energy consumption was important to them. Believe it or not, 21% of those homeowners also had no idea that they could reduce their energy waste by installing smart home solutions like smart lighting control in their homes.

That’s the perfect combination for any architect or builder – a motivated homeowner looking to reduce energy costs and a blank slate for a home. Even if you’re working on a remodel, your clients in The Woodlands, TX will be able to incorporate green home technology into their technologically savvy smart homes.

Keep reading to learn how you can help your clients become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Climate Control

Integrating smart thermostats and control solutions into a home ensures HVAC systems aren’t working hard to heat or cool a home while no one is there. By automating pre-programmed scenes or tapping the screen of a touch panel or remote, the temperature can be lowered with precision and ease to ensure no energy is wasted.

The Green Light line from Crestron even lets you view live temperature readings, window treatment positions, and lighting levels of any room. Historical device and energy usage data are also available via computer or touch panel, trackable in month to month or year to year views.


The brightness and color tones of lighting in your home can significantly affect your mood and productivity levels. Incorporating dimmable LED green technology into homes lets homeowners control and manage their own productivity levels—dimming lighting in the evenings to wind down or setting bright task lighting in the middle of a project.

Occupancy and daylight sensors are additional technologies to incorporate for energy efficiency. Occupancy sensors ensure lights aren’t left on in rooms once everyone is gone, and daylight sensors can communicate with your outdoor lighting so they shut off when the sun is out.


The window treatments throughout your Texas home can work in conjunction with sunlight. Set scenes so your motorized shades raise at sunrise, aiding everyone in the house to wake up naturally in a healthy way, with rays of sunshine. Or, simply tap the screen of the highly customizable user interface on a touch panel, keypad, remote, or smart device app to operate each shade individually or by room. You can control and monitor the shades, lighting, and more from home or while you’re away.


Crestron has been in the electronics control field for nearly fifty years; in that time has made innovative strides in automated lighting, AV, temperature control and more. Something Crestron has to offer over other automation products is its incredible customizable interface and simple user solutions like Crestron Home and Crestron Green Light.

Crestron Home is the “brains” of the smart home automation control system. Practically ready out of the box, there’s no overwhelming software to learn, and an iPad can be used for setup. The new OS 3 operating system coordinates every green technology within the home in a seamless user experience. Refined Systems also offers myCrestron cloud service for pushing necessary software updates and resolving issues quickly and remotely.

Refined Systems if your trusted Crestron dealer and can ensure new homes and remodels are outfitted with the latest green home technologies in The Woodlands and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (281) 907-9620, chat with us below, or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.