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Selecting the Coastal Source Landscape Lighting That’s Right for Your Space

Choose From a Variety of Options to Illuminate Your Property

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we love the look and function of Coastal Source landscape lighting fixtures. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your Houston, TX home with these stylish components, you may wonder what kind of products they offer. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the best looking fixtures available to you right now in the Coastal Source line. Read on to learn more.

Discreet Fixtures

Some homeowners are interested in a lighting system that looks beautiful, but doesn’t clutter their backyard with components. For them, Coastal Source offers discreet fixtures that shine brightly but don’t catch the eye. Here are a few of their options:

Bullet Lights: These components are long and thin, and they shine in a single direction. They’re usually grouped together and evenly distributed throughout your landscape to highlight specific areas. You can choose from two different sizes and even adjust the brightness of each to create a beautiful, layered effect.

Step Lights: As their name implies, step lights are typically arranged among the stairs or alongside walls. They look great, but they also help you see your way when you’re walking up and down. You’ll enjoy the way it highlights the areas you want to see.

Well Light: For a lighting fixture that will remain sturdy in all manner of weather, the well light offers a sealed fixture encased in solid brass. You can ensure your lights will shine brightly even in the harshest conditions.

Visible Fixtures

While some homeowners would prefer never to see their lights, others would like to create a design aesthetic around bold and beautiful components that draw the eye without dominating the space. For them, Coastal Source offers plenty of options that look great day and night.

Path Lights: Light up your walkways for a safer and more beautiful nighttime stroll. Coastal source offers a number of designs and colors that will fit in with just about any yard, deck or pool area, so you can enjoy an illuminating evening in a space designed to look great.

Tiki Torch: Want a more authentic late summer environment? Try Coastal Source’s tiki torches. Offered in both fuel/LED and traditional fuel-powered options, you can enjoy a fun, dynamic pool area perfect for a luau or just hanging out with the family.

Nose Light: While not as ostentatious as a tiki torch, nose lights offer prime visibility while fitting in nicely with any aesthetic. With a number of finishes available, you can brighten up just about any path or wall with these good looking fixtures.

Think that’s all Coastal Source has to offer? Think again! Refined Systems has plenty more options available to you. Find out more by filling out this short form or by giving us a call at 281-907-9620.