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Stream Better Content With Home Media Distribution

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than 4K Video and Lossless Audio

There’s nothing better than watching your favorite movie with the family in a dedicated home theater – that is unless you can pause the movie and pick it up in the bedroom after you’ve settled in for the night. A home media distribution system can make that happen. You can stream full 4K Ultra HD video content and lossless audio to every room in your Houston, TX home. And you can do it all without having to look at clunky components taking up space in your rooms. Want to learn more? Keep reading!


Streaming 4K Video

Watching your favorite movies and sports in your home theater or media room offers the ideal conditions for getting the most out of your content. But you can’t always enjoy the comforts of a dedicated viewing space. Sometimes you want to watch from the bedroom, sometimes you want to get some fresh air and sunshine while watching in your backyard. But how can you enjoy the Texans’ game in your yard without dragging cables all over the house?

A professionally installed home media distribution system is exactly what you need. Integrators can run fiber-optic cables through your walls for an invisible system that delivers all of the top quality content you can handle. Fiber-optics can stream full 4K UHD video up to 300 feet without any lag or loss. You can connect all aspects of AV gear to stream to any room in your house, including media players, Blu-ray players, video game systems and more – which all remain hidden inside an unused closet or basement.

Streaming Lossless Audio

For years it seemed like music lovers who wanted to stream their favorite tunes to any room would have to sacrifice the quality of the tracks by using an MP3 file. They were small and easy to move, so they became the default for many audiophiles. Once lossless files started to become popular, there was only one problem: they were so big that they became difficult to store and stream. Today, music services like Spotify and Tidal are capable of streaming full, lossless tracks and homeowners stand to gain big.

By installing a whole home audio system, you get to enjoy all of your favorite music with high-quality components that reside within your walls. Your home maintains a beautiful look free of wall acne, while you get to enjoy the soundscape created by evenly distributed, expertly calibrated speakers. When you stream lossless audio into your rooms, you can hear every detail of your tracks.

Are you ready to enjoy beautiful 4K video and gorgeous lossless audio anywhere around your property with a home media distribution system? Contact Refined Systems today!