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The Crestron Difference

Why Crestron Is The Leader in High-End Home Automation

You might say that home automation technology is almost mainstream these days. Google, Apple, and Amazon are making devices and home control platforms that enable control of smart home devices like thermostats, lights, AV equipment. But home automation technology is older than you might think, and some companies have been at it for a long time.

Crestron is the company that practically invented home automation. Starting in 1971 by building a variety of automated machines, it began focusing on electronics control in the late 1980s with one of the first wireless remotes for commercial systems. The company’s long history and focus on automation have made it a staple of control systems from corporate boardrooms to the largest homes.

As the premier Crestron authorized dealer in Houston and operator of a Crestron showroom, Refined Systems has the experience and expertise to automate virtually any aspect of your Houston residence. Read on to learn more about what makes Crestron stand out from other home automation systems.


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Uber Personalization

One of the main reasons Crestron is a mainstay in high-end home automation installations is its high level of personalization. The personalization starts at the user interface. Unlike other home automation systems that allow only some degree of customization of prepackaged templates, Crestron systems can be fully customized – giving you the ability to design your own app for home control. Buttons, colors, backgrounds, and navigation paths can be customized in the interface, allowing complex automation sequences to be controlled by an intuitive interface that anyone can quickly master.

The other level of personalization comes with the variety of functions you can control. Crestron has a full line of automation products for management and control of lighting, shades, AV equipment, climate, security, and more. The programming software enables a level of control that lets installers integrate outside devices into a Crestron automation system.

Voice control is an increasingly popular option for home automation. Crestron has partnered with the three major players in voice control—Amazon, Google, and Apple—to integrate their easy-to-use devices with Crestron automation. Only Crestron has taken voice control further than the norm, with the ability to appropriately respond to commands like “I’m too cold” or “It’s dark in here” with climate and lighting changes.


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A Complete Solution

While Crestron systems can integrate outside devices, the company makes a complete home automation solution. This includes an exhaustive line of equipment, starting with touchscreens, remotes, and keypads for control. There’s a full range of high-performance audio and video technology, from speakers and amplifiers to processors and A/V distribution systems, plus automated solutions for lighting, shade and climate control. All of it is made to work together, and the software platform that powers it allows for more flexibility and precise control than any other. All of Crestron’s equipment is built to the highest standards, which is why their work is a fixture of Fortune 500 companies that need the most reliable, sophisticated commercial automation system for their offices.


If you are ready for the power of Crestron home automation, Refined Systems is prepared to help you. To learn more, reach out to us today!