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The Possibilities of Motorized Shades

Bring Privacy, Style, and Energy-Efficiency into Your Home

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It should be the sanctuary where you enjoy spending time. So how do you achieve that effect in your home? With motorized shades, you can enjoy a variety of benefits in your Memorial, TX home.

In this blog, we will look at some benefits of motorized shades and what they can do for your property.

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Brighten up your home naturally to save you the cost of using artificial lighting. Your energy usage adds up quickly when using the standard functions we’re used to. Motorized shades offer an alternative.

In addition to reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, these shades save you energy in ways that standard window shades (or windows without any shades!) will not. Here are some examples:

1) You can control all of your shading system’s settings and sync them with your other smart technology. This means scheduling the shades to open in the mornings and then close at any moment if your smart thermostat detects a high temperature.

This way, you don’t end up spending more on cooling the home from that natural heat let in. On a related note, you can save energy by reducing your heating system usage on colder days when you let the sun naturally warm up every room.

2) Varied shade designs produce different results.

Honeycomb shades are designed to trap heat, providing the right insulation for your house. Keep your rooms warmer longer in the cold months, then keep your home cool the rest of the year.

Blackout shades will block out any light from outside, meaning no heat will enter, and install a sheer shade underneath for the times you want some light in. Schedule the opaque shades to close when needed or simply manage them from the central control source.


If you have large windows in any room, you may be concerned about neighbors or passers-by getting a look into your home. Motorized shades allow you to close them with a touch a button at any given moment.

But what if you still want to enjoy the benefits of your large windows, like a view outside or the natural light? Why should you compromise your at-home experience just to avoid others from seeing inside?

Different shade designs and styles are available for you to achieve both goals.

Incorporate sheer shades to see outside while still lightly blocking the window, or layer it with a more opaque design that you can close when you need extra privacy.

In fact, you can close the shades throughout the house from any room. This means that you can block off any view inside without traveling throughout the house. Create privacy at any moment from any room.

Natural Light

Tired of the alarm clock being your only wakeup call? Schedule your motorized shades to open at a designated time every morning to help wake you up naturally. Start your day with natural sunlight entering the room for that extra boost we all need some mornings.

Open up the shades throughout the entire house or in select rooms from any location, and bring in the natural light without stopping in each room to do so manually.

Homes have a unique and fresh feel to them when illuminated by natural sunlight. Motorized shades allow you to let the light in with ease while you also enjoy a view of the outside.

Ready to incorporate motorized shades into your home? Reach out to use online or give us a call at (281) 907-9620.