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Whole Home Automation - the Ultimate Luxury

Three Home Upgrades to Elevate Your Lifestyle

What is the ultimate luxury? Ask that question to 100 different people, and you may very well get 100 different answers. When it comes to your home, luxury may lie in your furnishings, your décor, your appliances, your swimming pool and outdoor areas, your entertainment systems, and whatever other ways you customize your home to suit your lifestyle.

Refined Systems is a home automation technology integrator, so we have some ideas too about what constitutes the ultimate luxury at home. We think that advanced technologies that work for you and make daily life more comfortable, rewarding, and stress-free are the ultimate luxury. While you could automate your whole home with an array of technology products that add comfort and convenience to your Houston abode, we want to highlight three that are highly likely to make you smile and congratulate yourself on your decision to invest in them.

Let’s look at three excellent technology investments to make your home a little more rewarding every day.

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Crestron Audio-Video Automation

Refined Systems works with Crestron for smart home automation because of the product's supreme customizability for specific requirements. Crestron automation can be adapted for how you want to interact with the technology in your home, as opposed to you having to change the way you want to do things. The company began with automation for audio-video systems in both residential and commercial environments. They continue to make entertainment systems easy to use and manage, and this is one of the areas that drives homeowners to seek a better technology solution.

Crestron’s new HR 310 and TSR 310 remote controls are excellent examples of luxurious ease of use that leverages the company’s long experience. Many people still prefer the tactile feel of real buttons and the satisfying lag-free response of traditional remote controls. While these new Crestron remote controls look like other ones, they are completely modern and more powerful than any other. They use Wi-Fi for communication for instant responses. Custom etched keys activate your devices, and automation scenes effortlessly. Automated backlighting makes it easy to pick out what you want to do in the dark. With the capacitive touchscreen in the TSR-310, you can add many customized routine and controls – anything from adjusting lighting to thermostats, to turning your gas fireplace on and off. Of course, they make effortless work of controlling your audio and video entertainment, including custom presets for your favorite content sources across all your devices.

Lutron Lighting Control

Like Crestron, Lutron is a pioneer and longtime industry leader in lighting control. Few things top lighting control and automation on the luxury scale. Lighting control adds incredible convenience while also adding aesthetic beauty to your home inside and out. Landscape lighting can add drama to your outdoor spaces, and indoors the right illumination features the best of your home and sets the ambiance and mood. Luxury is the ability to have an entire area of your house perfectly lit for the occasion – whether it's a movie night in the media room, a party, or cooking up a storm in your gourmet kitchen. With Lutron, how you exercise that control is your choice. Lutron systems pair well with home automation systems like Crestron, as well as offering a broad array of control through elegant keypads, smartphone apps, and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. The practical side of lighting control – enhancing safety, security, and energy savings – is just icing on the luxury cake.

Whole Home Audio

What's more luxurious than audiophile-quality music in every room of your home? And without speakers or any other equipment visible? That's the beauty of whole house audioHigh-performance speaker manufacturers like JBL Synthesis, Wisdom, and Revel all offer architectural (built-in) speakers with sound quality that rivals standalone units. If you want a system that can scale up to practically any size property, the Crestron Sonnex would fit the bill. A Sonnex system can go up to 74 zones and 30,000 watts of power! The high power, efficient amplifiers in the system boast a hybrid design that can deliver 140 watts of power, enough to power even difficult to drive speakers. A Crestron Sonnex system integrates easily with other Crestron home automation features, and can route 24 analog and digital audio sources to any of the zones - enough variety to keep everyone entertained. And you can access it with the simplicity of customized Crestron remote controls, touch screens, or apps on your smartphone or tablet.  

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