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Why Design Smart Lighting Control into Your Next Project?

Four Reasons Why Smart Lighting Will Differentiate Your Residential Projects

As a designer, architect, or builder (and we know some of you do all of these), you intuitively understand the importance of lighting in a project. You cringe when you walk into a room with a single light and no cans, and when that one light needs to share its installation with a ceiling fan. You don’t want to see an art niche that missed an opportunity to be highlighted with the right spotlighting.

While you understand lighting, you might be on the fence about smart lighting control for your projects in Memorial and Houston. Texans are straightforward and might ask, “what's so smart about lighting?”

Smart lighting is all about bringing today’s intelligent technology to bear on the lowly light switch. And there are many advantages to smart lighting over banks of light switches. While smart lighting is not particularly difficult to retrofit into existing homes, it’s even easier to take advantage of all the features if it’s designed in from the start.

Read on to learn more about why smart lighting control is a smart feature to add to your projects.

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The light switch is a reliable solution and works 99.9% of the time. But if your client is not near the light switch, then that method of control breaks down. If your client forgets to turn off the lights after rushing out to get the kids off to school, they could easily do that from their smartphone with smart lighting. For even more convenience, they could have their landscape lights timed to turn on at sunset and off upon sunrise.


Smart lighting quickly goes from mere convenience to real luxury in a home. Systems like Radio RA2 from our brand partner Lutron can scale to control hundreds of lights, making lighting much easier to manage in larger properties. Features like customizable keypads, wireless control, and many styles and color options to fit the décor make it simple to easily integrate smart lighting with your designs.

Luxury goes beyond control by automating the routine and repetitive. A bedtime button on a keypad by a bedside could set all the lights for nighttime – outside lights on, a dimmed path to the kitchen, and nightlights in the kid’s baths. Set the mood for a party by programming a scene that perfectly lights indoor and outdoor areas for an evening of entertainment. Luxury also comes from issuing one command to a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa to immediately dim the family room lights and draw the motorized shades to settle in for a movie.


A smart lighting control system can make your home appear occupied, even when you’re not there. For example, a button labeled “vacation” could tell a set of lights to be randomly turned on and off throughout the home. If smart lighting is integrated with a smart home control system, the lights can be integrated with smart cameras and security systems to monitor activity and let your client gain the peace of mind that a layer of protection is active in their home. Imagine a system that detects an intruder and turns on all the lights to startle them because it knows your clients are not home – that’s smart.

Energy Savings

Houston may the energy capital of the country, but we’re also aware of the need to be good environmental stewards. Lighting control can save your clients a great deal in energy costs. You could incorporate sensors in your projects that detect if a room is occupied and turn the lights off after a period. Lutron smart lighting systems also integrate with climate control and motorized shades. Your projects can be smart and proactive about energy usage by coordinating interior lighting with natural light, limiting the heat of the Texas summer sun when necessary and adjusting the HVAC system accordingly.

Refined Systems stands ready to work with you to incorporate smart lighting control into your next Memorial project. To learn more, just click below to connect with one of our experts, or contact us today!